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Sunday, November 21, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey guys I thought that I would just write a quick pretty cool story. This week is a concecration week in our whole mission. Our purpose is to strive to be perfectly obedient this whole week as a mission. And this morning I recieved a call from a lady that was just over at the church building for some reason. But she called and asked about the English class that we teach every week, but for some reason I decided to through with telling her that we teach people about our church outside of English class, as well, and she said, "well I read the bible and stuff, so I think that we could meet some time tomorrow." Thats the best way to find, just have people call you and get them to meet with you that way.

My mission has really taught me a lot and made me forget even more, but it's all for the better. There are things that you learn on your mission that are not learned in school.

well I dont really have much else new to say. I'm just really tired and can't think too well right now.
Love you guys.
Love Josh

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