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Sunday, November 21, 2010

October 25, 2010

Well here are some pics of me with Elder Christensen.

There really isn't anything going on with us. He's chill and laid back, pretty quiet. We do get to joke around a bit here and there and still have a pretty good time. I think that the biggest question is what is going to happen with us. Just because he has had 4 areas. 4 comps in 4 transfers. And then again there are 14 missionaries coming in and so I might have to be training and because of that, he might have to leave again. But the next transfer is shorter, too, because the 6 weeks would end like 2 days before christmas and the travel plans would be pretty big for those that have to go home, they have made the next transfer 5 weeks and the following 7 weeks and what's wierd is that I will turn 21 in that transfer. I can't believe that.

Wanna know something funny? There is this guy here in Debrecen that is about 70 years old and he dresses up like the captain off of Giligan's Island and seems to be messed up pretty bad mentally. I've seen him a few times and he always comes over and salutes us and then starts telling us about how awesome the whores and sluts are up in Budapest. I just keep nodding ok. It's happened a few times before and it's like the same thing every time. It's funny as junk.

Man I am tired though, cause we played basketball on Saturday from about 10:30-2:00 and I haven't done that for a long time. So Sunday I ended up doing that thing where your head feels really heavy all while you are trying to pay attention, and you keep going in and out of sleep sitting up. And where your head hurts when you try to force your eye lids to stay open. So after Priesthood the teacher, in a joking way, wiggled his finger for me to go talk to him and then asked me what's wrong, who/what bothered me. I just explained it to him and then he was cool with it and showed us this funny video of this guy who goes off this huge ramp on a slip-n-slide and lands in a pool way far away and it looks really real.
here is the link if you wanna see it.

If it doesn't work then just look up huge slip and slide on youtube and it is a big one with a yellow material as the slide.

Man I can't believe that Austin is 14 now. I totally forgot to send off his stuff. I even got it ready. Crap. I need to send that off today. I really hope that he had a fun b day.

Well I love you Guys, Hope you have a great week. I need to go nap and draw right now lol.
Love Josh

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