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Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey guys

Ya everything is pretty good over here. Nothing too special, but we have interviews this week again already. The time is flying a little quicker than it feels sometimes. I will be 21 here soon and I don't know where that last year went. It's crazy.

Well as for me, I'm way stinkin tired, but luckily today is p day. I am just going to use it to take care of things. I spent this morning cleaning out the fridge and stuff. I took everything out, go rid of the stinky stuff in it and washed all the removable things and found that Hungarian fridges do have lights, they just need a light bulb!! So I will replace that. I will get some of my past due letters written and sent off. I will take care of some of the drawings that have been requested of me. I sure hope that I can get it done, but I am sure that I can take care of lot of it.

Wow I cant believe that Dustin (Nuttall)is home (he served a mission in the Ukraine). I remember him working at Gelato Freeze. With the whole school thing, it's all really confusing to me and I don't want to think of it right now. When I have some time, like when I get home, I am sure that I can take care of it, but out here where every spare moment is taken by talking to another person on the street, I just see no hopes in adding that to the long list of things I already want to take care of.
I am just thinking though that life will be like this. Always something else to take care of. Always have to fix this, clean that, move this, talk to this person. So I think that I am going through a pretty serious training to do just that.

Well I'll let you guys go and know that there is a letter that will be coming soon. I will send the one that I have for some of our neighbors as well so that I can just send it all at once.

Love you guys

January 11, 2011

We are trying to fit in so much these last few days and we went from working hard and having a lot of finding time to do things and now it's all paying off. This will be a short email because we have a program at 3:00 and its 2:31 right now. So I'll get something off to you and then get more to you later.

I told my comp that I want to run this morning no matter how cold and that we did. We had a nice, cold morning run and I am awake and alert and just the rush that we have with having to go everywhere super fast today is "what we trained for" I tell my comp.

I also told him that I want to be a good example and that I want to work harder. He says he has seen a big change in me already since the beggining of the transfer and that he is really happy for that. If nothing else I want to make HIS mission experience with me one of the best. I have really come to like him. We are just going to tear this city up until we leave. I think there will be times again in my mission where I get down on myself. I think that a lot of the problem is a lack of self confidence. I want success and when it doesn't come I feel that, despite doing all that I can, I still haven't gotten anywhere. I still have done nothing. That's just how it feels sometimes and then I wonder, Oh, well if Im not doing anything, then what am I doing here and I hate being like that. I really do. So I made the choice that I'm going to be happy.

Love you