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Monday, June 28, 2010

June 21

I think I have seen Elder Johnson's picture up in the mission home. As soon as a person gets their call their picture is put up and when they are coming to the country and stuff.

Ya it was really awesome to meet Kolja. His wife did tell me about her sister being married to Kevin's older brother. LOL. She is a really nice lady as well.
Their kids are definitely Hosches. Tristen, the older one knows German and Spanish but I couldn't talk with him. I got to say hi and things like that from what I could remember in German, but it is not very much. Every time I think of how to say something in a different language, the first thing that comes to my mind is always Hungarian so my German is basically gone. To be honest, I really never had it. Just liked to know a little bit of another language that is in my blood.

Well this week was really full.
I was in Pápa on monday and then I went on splits {splits are when a missionary pair break up and each go with a different companion for an appointment or short time} to Tatabánya that night, spent Tuesday there and then spent my last day in Pápa before Zone Conference on Thursday over in Budapest where we had Elder Caussé from France come speak to us. He is really an amazing guy. Way helpful with the way we can improve the work here. He is a member of the area presidency and said that this mission is one of the most improving missions in the area. That was really good to hear, especially with how hard you have to work and as one person you only really get to see the work around your area in the field but he sees all of it. So it was really awesome to have that experience with another member of the Seventy {general church area authorities}. The other member of the Seventy that is also in the area presidency is Elder Erich Kapischke (think I spelled that right) and he came a little bit before Christmas and helped us a lot as well. Then that night I went back to Győr and am way happy to be back. It feels like I never left and so the rest of the transfer will be really quick and then I only have like 6 or 7 left. They fly by quick.

Then on Friday President Baughman and his wife, along with Elder Caussé, came to Győr to have a meeting with the district president and the relief society district president. President wanted us to be there since we have a perfect baptismal calendar and progress record to be the examples during part of the presentation, so Elder Houstman and I basically got a private training with a member of the Seventy. It was really well focused on the fact that sometimes people worry too much about the meetings or numbers that they forget to help the people and that the people are what are important in this work.

Then on Saturday I was in Tatabánya again because Houstman was baptizing a lady whose husband was baptized and went to the temple and loved it like crazy. She went with him, but obviously never went inside, but she still loved the feeling she had. He had a private bus take everyone to a little villiage called Dunaalmás and there the lady Róz, or in English Rose, was baptized in the Duna or Danube to you guys. She loved it and then after the service we went to a close by friend's ranch and had a big lunch and everything where they put on dances and just had a good time talking with members and getting to know more members in Hungary that I havent been able to serve around yet. They are so nice over there. They only have a rented out old bakery as their branch house, but it's still pretty sweet.

Then that night as you know I met with Kolja. He is way nice. I wish that I had more time with him. He told me cool stories of Opa and how he would look out his window when he was around 8 and because of the war and Michelstadt is basically in a valley, and the war being around them, Opa could see the shells flying over head and then when a plane crashed near by, he and a few friends went to it and found one of the grenades and they took it home. Lol he said Opa just put on the table like "look what I found". Then his dad took it to the dismantling place and got it taken care of. He also cleared up my understanding of how the family line works. Things like who is the brother, son, father, mother, daughter and what not of who. So I understand a little bit better. Its a lot to explain, but I know that he is Raimund's son and Raimund is Heinz's nephew. Heinz, Opa, is dad's dad and my g pa and so we are 2nd cousins and it's just a crazy thing to hear about Heinz's great g pa and how there were 2 brothers and one left and moved to america. And there are books, all in German, about the stories of how things were back then all written by our older family.

Then we had church then next day as usual. I got caught up on being back in the city and now it's a new week to get out and work. The mission is doing a mission-wide consecration week and so we are going to really work harder than before to make this week a special one.

Other than that I suck at typing when it comes to grammar and where commas should be and everything but I dont really care right now. Just wanna get the information to you lol
Love you guys and hope that you guys have fun at your camps, with family, and getting things done.
Until next week love Josh

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jun 14, 2010

Sometimes it's still weird and cool to think wow I'm a missionary. When see myself in the reflection as we are walking down the road I just think wow is that really me. That's funny. I don't see myself from the other side very often.

But ya I go back to Győr this Thursday. We have zone conference and a member of the Seventy is visiting and so then after that I go to the train with Elder Houstman and I get to go back home. I love that city so much and Houstman has told me a little bit of the new things going on since I have been gone. So I'm excited to get back.

It was Houstman playing the ukelele, I was the drummer. Did you not notice from the Phoenix suns shirt and everything. We also had a few videos. I dont think that all 3 ukelele videos are on that card, but they might be. Houstman and I love serving together so much and just the things that we have done in that city I just really wouldn't mind staying there the rest of my mission. I know that's not going to happen, sadly I might even leave this next transfer. I hope not though. Houstman might go AP (Assistant to the {mission} President) so that means that I stay, but other than that there is no reason that he would leave the city. I've been there longer and he only has 2 transfers left on his mission.

Other than that not much has happened. Elder Smith and I had some of the best numbers in the mission. We got super standard and had a baptism and confirmation. a total of 32.5 finding and teaching hours so I have been really tired and it's super humid here. It's 90 degrees and way humid. I miss dry heat so bad, lol.

Well I don't have much more to say so I'll talk to you guys later. Love you, have a great week and I'll talk to you (via email) next monday. (from Győr!)
Josh, aka Hosch Elder

Monday, June 7, 2010

Well, as of right now I'm still going to be in Pápa until the 17th so only about a week and a half left here. I'm pretty ready to go back , I really love it there. I hope that I can stay even longer, but we'll see.
Well I'll tell you a little bit about Elder Smith, my temporary comp. He is from Sacramento, California and has an 4 siblings; an older sister and then 3 younger siblings. He loves basketball, too and, is working me pretty hard. It's some good practice and stuff.
Anyway, this week was really fast until like Thursday. Monday I spent in Budapest like I told you last week. But then on Wednesday I went to Budapest again because Elder Smith is a zone leader and he had Zone Leader council. So I just chilled with him up there in the meeting and everything. It was pretty fun to be up in that meeting again.
But then for what ever reason it has seemd like 2 weeks since I last e mailed. But it's still crazy that it's already the begining of the 3rd week in the transfer. Then I'll get back to Győr and only have maybe 3 more weeks there and then transfers again and I might leave for good, which will be sad, I'm not ready to leave that city yet.
But as of now I have just had a few baptisms in Győr. 3 to be exact and then have 1 this week in Pápa but we will do it in Győr, then the 19th Elder Houstman is performing one in Tatabánya. Then we have one on the 26th so this whole tranfer I will be at a baptism every saturday. Then we might go to the baptism in Tatbánya on the 3rd or 4th, too--so almost every week.
Other than that, just the normal- doing ok and stuff like that. I'm pretty tired sometimes, that makes it a little harder but you know. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Love you guys. Have a good week~
Love Josh