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Monday, June 7, 2010

Well, as of right now I'm still going to be in Pápa until the 17th so only about a week and a half left here. I'm pretty ready to go back , I really love it there. I hope that I can stay even longer, but we'll see.
Well I'll tell you a little bit about Elder Smith, my temporary comp. He is from Sacramento, California and has an 4 siblings; an older sister and then 3 younger siblings. He loves basketball, too and, is working me pretty hard. It's some good practice and stuff.
Anyway, this week was really fast until like Thursday. Monday I spent in Budapest like I told you last week. But then on Wednesday I went to Budapest again because Elder Smith is a zone leader and he had Zone Leader council. So I just chilled with him up there in the meeting and everything. It was pretty fun to be up in that meeting again.
But then for what ever reason it has seemd like 2 weeks since I last e mailed. But it's still crazy that it's already the begining of the 3rd week in the transfer. Then I'll get back to Győr and only have maybe 3 more weeks there and then transfers again and I might leave for good, which will be sad, I'm not ready to leave that city yet.
But as of now I have just had a few baptisms in Győr. 3 to be exact and then have 1 this week in Pápa but we will do it in Győr, then the 19th Elder Houstman is performing one in Tatabánya. Then we have one on the 26th so this whole tranfer I will be at a baptism every saturday. Then we might go to the baptism in Tatbánya on the 3rd or 4th, too--so almost every week.
Other than that, just the normal- doing ok and stuff like that. I'm pretty tired sometimes, that makes it a little harder but you know. Gotta do what you gotta do.
Love you guys. Have a good week~
Love Josh

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