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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey guys,
First off, here is my new address.

7400 Kaposvár
Városház u. 1/2/2

Well I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm not sick at all. More just back to the good old tired.

The new city isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's more laid back as a ctiy. Not as many people and not big enough to have people always on the go, so things move a little slower here.

As for right now I'm with Elder Proctor. He's a pretty cool guy. He is from Southern California, I think not too far from San Bernadino, which is way cool.

But anyway, the branch here is pretty small and only has a handful of members. I had to translate for the senior couple that came to talk on Sunday. It was pretty hard to translate that kind of stuff, but I got it done. It's pretty cool to be able to translate some pretty serious stuff into a very hard language.

My comp and I get along pretty well. We're still getting to know each other and we're working pretty hard, but boy do transfers wipe me out. I get super tired everytime, especially when it's me that is moving. We have to carry everything that we own on and off trains and all over the place to try and get to where we want to go. We had to pack up everything, then when we get there we have to unpack it into a totally new place.

The cool part about being here now is that there are 4 elders here and so we can have a bit more fun with things and stuff. Elders Miller and Runnels are the other 2 that serve here. Runnels is a greenie, but on fire. They came in on a hard situation where they had to white wash as a greenie and trainer, that's not easy, but he talks to everyone, and I mean everyone. We were standing in a little group outside their building right before we were all going to go our seperate ways and then go home, there was this lady that got "too close" and so the new elder jumped out of the little group of the 4 of us and then started talking to this older guy. Then the guys stops him and says, "I'm sorry, I don't understand", grabs a random guy and says, "here tell your story to him, I don't understand." So then Elder Miller turns to us and says, "REFERRAL", lol. It was pretty funny.

I talked to the senior couple that are working in the office and they said that I tell president what the situation is for the end of my mission and then people will arrange the flight plans and stuff with you guys. I need to know if you are coming or not to let pres know whats up. I can e mail him today and let him know that if I want to take summer classes then I need to take the early transfer in order to get home in time to start them, reguardless if you guys come or not.

I sure miss my brothers. It kinda sucks to think that yes, I'll be home from my mission, but we won't be kids anymore. We won't have just school to worry about and think that homework is a pain in the butt. lol Sadly we are growing up, but I still miss them like crazy. Every time I have a dream of me walking off that plane I see Adam screaming my name like he does after a week-long camp, acting like I've been gone for much longer. (But in this case, that is how it is.) I see Jeremy kind of being ashamed of crying like I am, but we don't care then, I see Austin with that cute, big goofy smile on his face and all of them almost as tall as I am. Even here in the e mail place I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. It's going to be a crazy day. Holy Crap. I will have sooo much fun getting to do things with them again. To them it might just be what they have been doing the last two years, but for me it will be like "OHHHH remember when we used to do this or this?" It will be soo much fun.

Well I hope that you guys don't eat all of my food (you're sending me) because I'd like to actually get some of it. And I hope that you guys have a wonderful week.
I love you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Love Josh.

About Kaposvár:

Coordinates: 46°21′50″N 17°46′56″E / 46.36383°N 17.78225°E / 46.36383; 17.78225
County Somogy
- Total 113.59 km2 (43.9 sq mi)
Population (2005)
- Total 67,954
- Density 598.23/km2 (1,549.4/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
- Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 7400
Area code(s) 82

From Wikipedia, some history of Kaposvár:
According to legend, the city was founded on seven hills (like Rome). The area had already been inhabited by 5000 BCE. From around 400 BCE, Celtic tribes inhabited the area.

The city was identified as "Kapos" in the founding document of the Episcopate of Pécs in 1009. The rectangular motte castle was reconstructed as a stone castle in the 15th century. The castle was destroyed in 1702 at the order of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor.

The Ottomans occupied the city after a five-day siege in 1555, and stayed for 131 years. The city and area were freed from Ottoman rule in 1686.

In 1749 Kaposvár was designated the county seat. During the 1800s the city developed considerably, due to the importance of the railway line between Budapest and Zagreb. Kaposvár became an important industrial city.

In the early 20th century, the city became the center of an artists' colony associated with the rise of the modernist movement in Hungarian art.[1] In 1950 the city annexed the village of Kaposszentjakab; this was followed by annexations in 1973 by Kaposfüred, Toponár and Töröcske.

In 1990 Kaposvár, as a city above 50,000 inhabitants, was elevated to the rank of city with county rights. Since 1993 it has been an episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic Church. The University of Kaposvár was founded on 1 January 2000.

aerial view of Kaposvar from Wikipedia

November 8, 2010

Ya time goes by too quick or too slow. But never the way you want it to. LOL.

Anyway, things are ok here. Im leaving too, by the way. We got our calls and I'm going to the other side of the country again. I'll be over in Kaposvár near Pécs, so hopefully I can go visit over there. I will be serving with Elder Proctor.

I have been sick this week so things have been a little slower feeling, but ok.
Nothing special has really been going on around here.

Oh well. I hope that I get your package here soon. I will be leaving and I saw that you sent me a package and I still have yet to get it.

I saw on one of the MSN headlines as I got onto the CPU that they are trying to get rid of the health care plan now. When I heard about that and just how bad it sounded I really hated it, so I'm happy that they are trying to get rid of it now. I hope that with all of those new Republicans in the Senate too, we can get some good stuff going.

One thing that I told my comp is that I think there should be some way that when a person running for office promises something to the people, then he should be accountable for what he said. I think that its crap for a President of the USA, the most powerful man in the world, to lie to people to just get what he wants. There should be some way that he should be accountable for what was promised.

Well, its a rainy day and we were hoping to go play some basketball, but I guess that's not going to happen. It's alright though. We have things to do. I have some packing and de-junking to take care of.

I love you guys and miss you guys. I hope that all the sport stuff is awesome. Sports are sweet and I miss them a lot as well, but well see what's up with me and sports when I get home.

I can't wait for flight plans and stuff too. I can't believe that I might be getting the call soon. I don't know when, but it'll come sooner or later.

I will also have to have Jeremy hook me up with some In and Out when I get home. That place is talked about a lot over here as missionaries and we are all trunkie for it. lol

Love you all
Love Josh

November 1, 2010

Hey guys. Whats up?

Man basketball tryouts for Jeremy? I think that he will make it. As far as I've heard, he seems to be doing pretty good. I hope that he makes it so he can teach me a thing or two when it comes to coaching and stuff. Thats one thing that I think has held me back is that I have never been coached. So I don't have the best smarts when it comes to the game, a lot of it is just my smarts, and you know how much I lack there. lol.

Well I hope that he makes the team. I think that everything would be cool if he could get on a team. Make playing ball with him again a challenge for me. We are going the complete opposite way when it comes to basketball skills. I haven't had time or resources to practice at all. We have played but on the sport day and for a short period of time. I think that it will come back, and with the new challenge from Jeremy being a lot better when I get home, it will help me improve as well. I really love that game. I miss it a lot and I hear about all kinds of trades but I'm not really sure. I hear Shaq's already off of the Cavs and with I think the Celtics, and Lebron James is out in the Heats. D wayde and King James. Man the Heats are going to kill. I wonder if they will still have Big baby glenn davis play the center with Shaq in there now. I think Shaq should retire. I think he is just being pushed around here and there more for an audience attraction. Anyone who knows anything about basketball knows who he is and that he is way over his prime and is almost done.

Anyway as for what happend this week, we had a Halloween party over in Nyiregyháza. The sisters and elders from here in Debrecen all had basically matching costumes. The sisters wanted to be "faith without works is dead"...boring, but then again we didn't have any better ideas, but then the sisters found out that nobody here really knows about that scripture as much as they do in America, so they said that we should be the 4 seasons. Sister George was spring, Sister Jordan was summer, Christensen was fall and I was winter. I drew and made masks for all of us and then Sister George painted on my face. I had her paint a huge smile on my face like what I saw in one of the Fall out Boy music videos on Pete the bass player, but a lot of people said that it made me look like the Joker from Batman. Which is funny cause guess what shirt I bought on saturday too???? Yep a BATMAN shirt.

The party was pretty fun. I was tired, though. But then again it was nice to see some of the members and Elders from Nyiregyháza, Eger, Debrecen and some members from Miskolc. Speaking of which, we will be going up there this week for interviews.

As for this week, our schedule is set up. The week is going to be pretty full and so the last full week of transfers might fly by pretty quick. Things are basically already set up for tomorrow. Then Wednesday is interviews and then the normal English class on Thursdays. Man last week of transfer 11. Then it's 12 and I'm only going to 15. I still haven't recieved any calls about when I'm leaving and things like that, but I know that the time is probably coming soon.

As of now my comp and I are both kind of sick. It was worse last night, but a lot better now. My throat was just raw and I had a bad headache. Luckily today we can just rest for some time.

Well I love you guys. Send my love to everyone, especially the Moyers. That's good that Isabelle is doing ok. I hate when people get sick like that. Especially now having to go without my loved ones close to me, losing one would be really hard, even harder to have to see them suffer. So let them know that I'm grateful for what they have been doing for me. It really means alot. I will be sending them a letter soon too. I have some time to write today. I'll get one off to G ma and them and see who else I need to write. Sadly because of the holiday almost nothing is open today, but then again that means more free time because we can't go shop.

Love Josh

October 25, 2010

Well here are some pics of me with Elder Christensen.

There really isn't anything going on with us. He's chill and laid back, pretty quiet. We do get to joke around a bit here and there and still have a pretty good time. I think that the biggest question is what is going to happen with us. Just because he has had 4 areas. 4 comps in 4 transfers. And then again there are 14 missionaries coming in and so I might have to be training and because of that, he might have to leave again. But the next transfer is shorter, too, because the 6 weeks would end like 2 days before christmas and the travel plans would be pretty big for those that have to go home, they have made the next transfer 5 weeks and the following 7 weeks and what's wierd is that I will turn 21 in that transfer. I can't believe that.

Wanna know something funny? There is this guy here in Debrecen that is about 70 years old and he dresses up like the captain off of Giligan's Island and seems to be messed up pretty bad mentally. I've seen him a few times and he always comes over and salutes us and then starts telling us about how awesome the whores and sluts are up in Budapest. I just keep nodding ok. It's happened a few times before and it's like the same thing every time. It's funny as junk.

Man I am tired though, cause we played basketball on Saturday from about 10:30-2:00 and I haven't done that for a long time. So Sunday I ended up doing that thing where your head feels really heavy all while you are trying to pay attention, and you keep going in and out of sleep sitting up. And where your head hurts when you try to force your eye lids to stay open. So after Priesthood the teacher, in a joking way, wiggled his finger for me to go talk to him and then asked me what's wrong, who/what bothered me. I just explained it to him and then he was cool with it and showed us this funny video of this guy who goes off this huge ramp on a slip-n-slide and lands in a pool way far away and it looks really real.
here is the link if you wanna see it.

If it doesn't work then just look up huge slip and slide on youtube and it is a big one with a yellow material as the slide.

Man I can't believe that Austin is 14 now. I totally forgot to send off his stuff. I even got it ready. Crap. I need to send that off today. I really hope that he had a fun b day.

Well I love you Guys, Hope you have a great week. I need to go nap and draw right now lol.
Love Josh

October 18, 2010

Hey guys I thought that I would just write a quick pretty cool story. This week is a concecration week in our whole mission. Our purpose is to strive to be perfectly obedient this whole week as a mission. And this morning I recieved a call from a lady that was just over at the church building for some reason. But she called and asked about the English class that we teach every week, but for some reason I decided to through with telling her that we teach people about our church outside of English class, as well, and she said, "well I read the bible and stuff, so I think that we could meet some time tomorrow." Thats the best way to find, just have people call you and get them to meet with you that way.

My mission has really taught me a lot and made me forget even more, but it's all for the better. There are things that you learn on your mission that are not learned in school.

well I dont really have much else new to say. I'm just really tired and can't think too well right now.
Love you guys.
Love Josh