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Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hey guys. Whats up?

Man basketball tryouts for Jeremy? I think that he will make it. As far as I've heard, he seems to be doing pretty good. I hope that he makes it so he can teach me a thing or two when it comes to coaching and stuff. Thats one thing that I think has held me back is that I have never been coached. So I don't have the best smarts when it comes to the game, a lot of it is just my smarts, and you know how much I lack there. lol.

Well I hope that he makes the team. I think that everything would be cool if he could get on a team. Make playing ball with him again a challenge for me. We are going the complete opposite way when it comes to basketball skills. I haven't had time or resources to practice at all. We have played but on the sport day and for a short period of time. I think that it will come back, and with the new challenge from Jeremy being a lot better when I get home, it will help me improve as well. I really love that game. I miss it a lot and I hear about all kinds of trades but I'm not really sure. I hear Shaq's already off of the Cavs and with I think the Celtics, and Lebron James is out in the Heats. D wayde and King James. Man the Heats are going to kill. I wonder if they will still have Big baby glenn davis play the center with Shaq in there now. I think Shaq should retire. I think he is just being pushed around here and there more for an audience attraction. Anyone who knows anything about basketball knows who he is and that he is way over his prime and is almost done.

Anyway as for what happend this week, we had a Halloween party over in Nyiregyháza. The sisters and elders from here in Debrecen all had basically matching costumes. The sisters wanted to be "faith without works is dead"...boring, but then again we didn't have any better ideas, but then the sisters found out that nobody here really knows about that scripture as much as they do in America, so they said that we should be the 4 seasons. Sister George was spring, Sister Jordan was summer, Christensen was fall and I was winter. I drew and made masks for all of us and then Sister George painted on my face. I had her paint a huge smile on my face like what I saw in one of the Fall out Boy music videos on Pete the bass player, but a lot of people said that it made me look like the Joker from Batman. Which is funny cause guess what shirt I bought on saturday too???? Yep a BATMAN shirt.

The party was pretty fun. I was tired, though. But then again it was nice to see some of the members and Elders from Nyiregyháza, Eger, Debrecen and some members from Miskolc. Speaking of which, we will be going up there this week for interviews.

As for this week, our schedule is set up. The week is going to be pretty full and so the last full week of transfers might fly by pretty quick. Things are basically already set up for tomorrow. Then Wednesday is interviews and then the normal English class on Thursdays. Man last week of transfer 11. Then it's 12 and I'm only going to 15. I still haven't recieved any calls about when I'm leaving and things like that, but I know that the time is probably coming soon.

As of now my comp and I are both kind of sick. It was worse last night, but a lot better now. My throat was just raw and I had a bad headache. Luckily today we can just rest for some time.

Well I love you guys. Send my love to everyone, especially the Moyers. That's good that Isabelle is doing ok. I hate when people get sick like that. Especially now having to go without my loved ones close to me, losing one would be really hard, even harder to have to see them suffer. So let them know that I'm grateful for what they have been doing for me. It really means alot. I will be sending them a letter soon too. I have some time to write today. I'll get one off to G ma and them and see who else I need to write. Sadly because of the holiday almost nothing is open today, but then again that means more free time because we can't go shop.

Love Josh

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