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Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Hey what's up? so first of all I'm going to stay in Győr. I am happy that I get to stay here. I really love it here, but I just got a call from President and he said that I will be needed in Pápa for a week or so because a missionary from the MTC is not coming right now because he is sick and so President has me going down to Pápa for a week or so to take the spot and a mini missionary from Pápa (a member) will come take my spot under that time. So I'll have to spend the next few days out of here and down into a new city.
Who is Justin Thatcher engaged to?
Well as of last time nothing much has happened and so the only real news is that technically we are staying together, but I'll be down in Pápa for some time, it will just be like a week transfer.
Love you guys

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