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Friday, May 14, 2010

Monday May 10

Ya, I'm kind of stuck on what to write after talking yesterday, too. All I have really been thinking about is how for some reason I want go to BYU now after truly thinking about it. I'll have way more friends there. I think it will be awesome. It was really good to talk to you guys last night. I will try to make the letters I write more correct so that you dont have to correct them all the time.
I hope that Kolja can get ahold of me. I would really like to meet him and it will be awesome to get to know some of my German family a little better.
Anyway I really think it would be cool to play basketball for BYU, too. I think it will be harder to get in than going through a community college, but I'll work on it somehow.
I'm really drawing a blank on what we could talk about now. We said a lot of it yesterday on the phone, but it was really good to hear from you guys. It really helps me not worry or think about home as much.
Well love you guys. keep it real-
Love Elder Hosch, Joshy

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