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Monday, May 10, 2010

Week of April 26

Well this whole weekend we were in Budapest. There was a baptism in KisPest and we had zone conference on Friday so we just stayed the night in Budapest. It is so awesome up there. I could get almost anywhere in Budapest that has missionary importance through public transportation up there and so it's really cool to be able to travel almost anywhere without it being completely confusing. It still can be but there's just some sort of excitement to be out here because its way different than America.

Well out here we are still doing some good. The mission is really picking up everywhere.

Well as usual I'm just really tired and trying to make the best of everything. Sadly I still hope for being home for some things here and there but there is nothing I can do about it except keep going. I love being out here sometimes and at other times I get this real longing just to want to be the best at everything and then I realize I still have a year to go. but then again to me I think that when I get home it will just be even more awesome to go back to what I used to do.
But enough about that. With the way the mission is working right now and the age I'm getting here in the mission, I might go senior comp really soon. I feel like I'm ready for that. I think it will be some work but I've been preparing for it. I know that when I'm more occupied and have to work harder the time goes by fast, so I think that before I know it the days will be over and then weeks and months and then my last year so I try not to worry about it too much cause I know that when the end comes I will really really miss being out here and stuff. So it's a bitter-sweet, much-awaited, yet dreaded occurence that the way I view it changes so often I don't really know how to describe it. So I won't try. lol.

How is everything going on with the family? I still need to find out where those pics are that you guys put up or are sending to me. I try to put up some new pics every once in a while. How is my guitar doing? I sure miss that. I hear some rock song on the radio on the bus or something and I cant wait to get home and just rock out like crazy, do some Master of Puppets by Metallica or some Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold.

Well the end of another school year is coming up for you guys there huh?
It's crazy that you guys have almost finished a summer and school year since I've been gone. I will hope to be home by the time Jeremy graduates but that's still some time out so I'm not sure how everything will work. I still haven't gotten anything from Kolja about him coming our number now is 40 as the last two if you wanna get that to him at all. Also speaking of phones remember what holiday it was right before I left for the MTC last year. Mother's Day and that means that I will get to talk to you guys really soon on the phone. I hope that will lighten some stress. I have always wondered what the feeling will be like when I get released. I think I can feel the huge burden more and more as I realize more and more what I'm doing out here. Not just knowing more what is going on or how it works but being out here and actually going through it day in and day out.

This week our schedule is pretty empty but we have p day today and a super p day on Saturday.
Also now I have the video up on Facebook. Elder Houstman got it up and so you can see one of them. We will get the others up later. Those are full and have other funny stuff. They are all improv so they all kind of sound similiar. But the endings of the others just happen to work out. He was playing his ukelele one day before p day started and so I was just messing around and made some beats on my body and then it sounded pretty good so I decided to get it on camera and then that's what we got.
Well I dont really have any thing else for the week. But I'll hit you guys up later.
Love You All keep it real
Peace out
Love Josh

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