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Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey guys

Ya everything is pretty good over here. Nothing too special, but we have interviews this week again already. The time is flying a little quicker than it feels sometimes. I will be 21 here soon and I don't know where that last year went. It's crazy.

Well as for me, I'm way stinkin tired, but luckily today is p day. I am just going to use it to take care of things. I spent this morning cleaning out the fridge and stuff. I took everything out, go rid of the stinky stuff in it and washed all the removable things and found that Hungarian fridges do have lights, they just need a light bulb!! So I will replace that. I will get some of my past due letters written and sent off. I will take care of some of the drawings that have been requested of me. I sure hope that I can get it done, but I am sure that I can take care of lot of it.

Wow I cant believe that Dustin (Nuttall)is home (he served a mission in the Ukraine). I remember him working at Gelato Freeze. With the whole school thing, it's all really confusing to me and I don't want to think of it right now. When I have some time, like when I get home, I am sure that I can take care of it, but out here where every spare moment is taken by talking to another person on the street, I just see no hopes in adding that to the long list of things I already want to take care of.
I am just thinking though that life will be like this. Always something else to take care of. Always have to fix this, clean that, move this, talk to this person. So I think that I am going through a pretty serious training to do just that.

Well I'll let you guys go and know that there is a letter that will be coming soon. I will send the one that I have for some of our neighbors as well so that I can just send it all at once.

Love you guys

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