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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011


Hey guys,

Man ya it's crazy that I am in my LAST transfer already.

This week was pretty good. I had a lot of fun and felt real good.
The begining of the week there wasn't much, but at the same time I am just way glad that the weather is a lot better. I can go out in jeans and a t shirt and feel great. There is a nice breeze and everything. I love the heat. Good thing that I go home to the summer of AZ. I can get rid of all the whiteness on me.

I can't believe that when I get home the ward will have all the people that I basically grew up in the church with all gone out on there missions and then just as quick as I have come and gone, they will too.

There was a baptism on Saturay morning, which was great. She is the girlfriend of the elders quorum president and when I interviewed her she was basically saying that she felt like she needed to move back to the city. She is going to be an awesome member.
Then again on Saturday there was a doughnut party. They need to have krispy kream. they dont know what they are missing.
But there was a big dance there too. I had fun. I definitely need to learn how to dance. It's a dang good workout too. If I do that here and there, there's no need for plyrometrics, man my legs hurt.
Well I've got to get to the store and then to the branch house, we are watching the Other Side of Heaven. Its funny in Hungarian. They translated it to be "the naked heaven".

Well love you guys. Have you gotten my letter yet?
Love Josh

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