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Friday, April 1, 2011

March 21, 2011

Well, hey daddy.
Well with the whole car thing it's no big deal to me. It would be nice to have a car, but what do you think I should do. If I'll be moving out around the end of may beginning of June then id have to drive it up to Utah. Do you think I should do that or should I get one when I'm up there?

But, man like I've been writing to grandma, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to these people. We watched the Other Side of Heaven and when we watched it, it was a lot harder to watch than I thought. Not because it was in Hungarian, but to see how sad he was to leave the people that he loved, it made me begin to feel the end coming and I felt it bad and it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. I'm ready to be home and move on with life, but man I love these people. I'm about to cry writing it to you. I love these people sooo stinkin much and I think the hardest part of leaving is that I will never see most of them again. With you guys it was hard to leave, but for different reasons. I knew I'd return after 2 years. But who knows when I'll come back here. Mason and I want to save up money here and there and come back next summer or the summer after that, but even still, leaving you guys was more of an, "I have NO idea what lies up ahead". It'll be crazy to see the ward I left and the ward it turned into as of now. If I remember correctly I think that Bishop Butler said that there are about 450 members or so, which is insane to think about, because to go to church here, 50 is a lot. Around that many go to church here in Győr, and that is a fairly large amount to attend pretty often.

Dylan (Dutson) is a little stud man. I miss that kid. I think he's way legit. I hope, too, that I get to see him before he heads off. With our luck he will leave right when I would be home, but I'll be in Germany.
How are things going with that btw? I can't do much so I hope everything is taken care of soon so that it's not too late.

Subway was fun to work at. I hope Adam is enjoying it. I need to go in sometime and see him working there.
Is Harvey still the manager? Did Adam apply to any other places? I think it's way hard for me to see Adam working already cause my last memory of my brothers is of two years ago basically and so when I imagine them it's of when I last saw them. It's going to be insane to see them and how big they have gotten. I miss Adam a lot. I miss all my brothers. It's crazy Austin will be driving before we know it and then well all be married and have kids. I'm excited to see you guys, I've missed you so much, and it will be so freaking sweet to see you guys again.
Life seems good. I have a wonderful family and wonderful life waiting for me. Tons of new amazing friends and everything. I can speak one of the 3 hardest languages for English speakers to learn dang well and my mission is almost over. Everything just seems fine. Plans are in motion and still undergoing changes, but for the most part I'm doing great. In a city I love with a sweet compainion. What else could I ask for.

Also I forgot to mention who my next comp will be. His name is Elder Allen. I hear he's pretty funny, so I'll have a good time with him.
The weather is warm, it was, wow I can say, pretty hot today. It is a national holiday today so it was a super p day. For the most part we hung out at the branch house and played ping pong and I taught a few people how to whip and everything. Played some cards and then we went over to the town hall to watch the concert and memorial stuff they do. Fun fact is that I was here for it last year too. We went on a walk and stuff and the sister, the other sister is also a Hungarian mini missionary, wanted to put make-up on me so she put on some eye liner. She's way cool.
She's an adorable person. Just loves everyone. She only served for 6 weeks but she is SO sad to leave already. She had me draw her the picture of Jesus knocking on the door for her and it turned out pretty well. I'll have to have her send a picture of it to me so I can put it up in my drawings on Facebook. It's crazy how popular that thing is. Even here, there are so many people that use it ALL the time. We call them "facebook függő" It's literally translated to be a facebook dependant, but we could say facebookaholics. It's pretty fuuny.

As of now I have permission to go to Germany and see everyone over there. I think that it will be crazy. But not as crazy as the fact that I only have like 38 days left on my mission.

Well enjoy man and Ill talk to you later.
Sok szeretettel
Hosch elder.

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