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Friday, April 1, 2011

March 28, 2011

Well this week has felt a little lonelier than usual because the new sister has been pretty sick and so me, being used to seeing the sisters almost everyday, it's just not normal to be serving in Győr without them for a week.
What was funny is that on Tuesday we gave her a blessing and right before the blessing I tried to ask her if she had already been annointed with oil because you know we don't need to reannoint someone twice for the same sickness, and so I tried asking her that and I ended up wording it something like this, "Have you been oiled up yet?" That sounds a little different than I meant it to be. but she got the idea. her comp looked at me like hey watch it, but in a funny way.

Hey mom would you mind teaching me some piano again when I get home? I really enjoy playing now all of the sudden and I wish that I stuck with it. I love sitting on the piano and figuring songs out that I have the guitar tabs for. The way that I did it was that I know that each key is a half step and then after that all I have to do is count the keys from the base notes on the guitar strings and then that's it.

Well other than that my comp and I put two of our investigators on baptism date on the same day. They became friends through a lot of the activities that we do and so they ended up talking about a lot of stuff and then both came to us and said that they would like to be baptized. We didn't even have to ask them.

So it's a good way to go out. Especially because the one that is getting baptized on April 13 said that she wants me to do it.

Love you guys
I'll talk to you later and see you 5 weeks from today.
Love Josh

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