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Monday, March 14, 2011

March 7, 2011

Man everyone is leaving on missoins! I'll get home and 10 guys will be out or going out on their missions. It's nice to hear there is another missionary that isn't going state side.

Next monday is the calls for transfers. It's insane. One more and I'm home. It's been a slower week, but was still pretty good. I felt really sad on Sunday to see not many people come. I love this ward and to see people get up and bear their testimonies. I have had dreams of giving my last testimony to this branch and it's coming up now in a few weeks here, it's soo sad. I'm ready and need to move on with life, but it's sad to know the time is coming soon.

I think that Hungarians have some funny things. They eat bread with almost everything, or almost every meal. Here its normal to blow your nose ANY WHERE, and I mean anywhere. It's looked past like a sneeze. In church, while we eat, anything. They just blow their noses right there. I got used to it too. I used to be sooo embarrassed to blow my nose in front of people, but now at dinner programs at the table, I too find myself blowing my nose, it's kinda funny. They don't even notice or comment on it.

Well it's been a little warmer recently and stuff, but I think that I am way more than ready for the warm. Here I come AZ!

I think that I would love to see Germany and stuff and learn German, but I don't have time to just live over there. So it's great that I will get to at least visit where Opa grew up.

So could you send my card so that I have memory to use? Thanks.

AND how is my guitar doin? I think thats what I miss the most. Just rockin out. UGHHHH cant wait.
But love you guys too. Dont worry.
Love Josh

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