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Monday, March 14, 2011

February 28, 2011

Well for this week ~

Do you remember me telling you about a Chinese lady that Elder Houstman and I met with a long time ago when I was here? Well because she was in China and stuff for a lot of the holidays, the missionaries have never been able to get ahold of her, but she is back and we met with her last week and we were able to teach her a lesson about how the things we teach can affect people for generations to come.
With that said, we talked about a talk that President Eyring gave about that and read his story about how one of his distant relatives lived in Switzerland and the rest of her family went to Utah to gather with the saints and then she stayed behind and got a job over in Berlin as a seamstress. At the time, it was illegal to preach the gospel, but for some reason she still told the lady she worked for about it, and then with time she ended up having a group of people over in the house and was teaching them about it. She begged the ladies that she taught to not tell anyone, but they couldn't hold it in and so one night a policeman showed up at her door and took her to jail. While in jail, she wrote a long letter to her judge and told them about everything that the gospel and even with proof that she was doing that, he let her go and look at where his family is now in the church.

It really reminded me of the story that dad told me about him going to visit a lady that ended up being the lady that introduced his grandma to the church. I don't remember the details, so could you have dad send me an email telling me that story. I think its way cool. I really hope that things with going to Germany work out. Kolja as called me a few times. I think that it would be way legit to see Spencer up here in Budapest. I miss that kid so I will try to do what I can to see him. I really think that it would be fun to take some pictures with him here in Budapest.

As for now I'm loving it here. I had a dream the other night where I was bearing my testimony to the branch here and it was soooo sad. I really love these people and I hope that I can always keep in touch with them. Maybe someday you can come with me to visit them. They for some reason are just sooo awesome.

As for anything else, like I think that I have said before, we are trying to get some of the less or inactive members to come back and so far it seems that some might come back and that others are coming back slowly but surely

I love you guys and Hope all is well. Can you believe im in the 50s of coming home. WAIT WHAT?

Peace guys, until next time.
Love Josh

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