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Monday, March 14, 2011

February 21, 2011

It's all good, I understand that it's not all that easy to write things when there really isn't anything going on.

As for here there are a lot of inactives that we're trying to work with and I hope that we can help them get back. It's coming slowly and we know that we can help a few. Some of the others are going to take some more work and we hope that we can help the others.
There are a few that have already come back to an extent so it's a work in progress.

It's cool that Kolja wants to do this for me. I really hope that things get worked out. I have no power really to do anything from here.

Things are going great with my comp. Last night was funny. For some reason we both had bought those sicky hands that you guys love.....NOT (we bought them earlier in the week obviously) but then we began to start fighting with them and they broke because of our awesome power or just because they're cheap sticky material, but after they broke, it turned into throwing them at eachother. We each had one so he was in the kitchen and I was the main room and there was a door and a walkway between the two, so then we turned around and basically gave the other a free shot and then have two shots to nail the other. I think that it was the funniest when I would through it and then it would end up hitting him and jiggling around when it stuck to him. lol!

Well let me know how things are going with my brothers. I have a letter for each of them to send out soon. Along with other ones.

Love you guys

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