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Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

Well the situation that is going on with my birthday backage is that I am up here (in Gyor) and it is down there (in Kaposvar). With me up here I can't go back and get it so I am going to call the post office down there to see if they can send it up to my address here in Győr if they havent already sent it back to you guys, but I hope not. That would suck cause then you basically spent that money for nothing.

Well this week was pretty fast. As for the work here there really isnt much and so that really sucks, but for some reason it really hasnt bothered me. I am with a cool companion and I can practice my hungarian a lot more often now and all kinds of things so I can just have some fun while I'm doing the work. I can't believe that if every week goes by this fast then I will be home in no time and it's insane.
Speaking of the end though, Kolja did call me and I talked to president about it and said that he would be fine with it if you would feel comfortable with him doing it. I am not sure how to take of planning getting all the stuff taken care of like where I would head out from and where I would get to plan all of it, so hopefully that I get some info, or Kolja would be able to talk to the mission office or something to help me get that taken care of.

As for this week we didnt have anything too special, but in the upcoming week we will have Zone conference already again. It's insane how often they seem to come.

I sure hope that I can take care of my birthday package stuff and get it sent here to me.

When Elder Murvai and I got here the house was a pretty big mess and so in the midst of trying to take care of so many things this week, we managed to get that clean and nice lookin. After being on my own I have really grown a dislike for a messy house and so I like to clean like all the time, yet at the same time I seem to be one of those people that wants to clean so many things at once and then as im cleaning something, I see another mess and so it turns into a clean this so that I can clean this and then that and it becomes a line of things. Then yay, its clean. Then like a few hours later its like, "I just cleaned this stuff up, what happened?" It just seems like one project after another and it never ends. Ahhhh, welcome to living on my own. It will be fun though to take care of all the things that I need to. Even when I was at home I made a to-do list and took care of things. I know that then it wasnt that much of stuff, but just when I got an idea of what I want to take care of I wrote it down.

Things here in Győr are going ok. My comp and I have made some pretty good goals to make sure that we get things kickin up here and we are hopin that the weather gets a little warmer again cause its not just us that may not be the happiest to be outside in the cold and so things are a little slower, but I know that the warm is right around the corner.

Well I love you guys. I love you guys and hope that your jobs go through and that you have fun with the Lanes. I love how you guys are such good friends after sooo long. I think it's sick.

I'll let you guys go, I know I take up so much of your time, NOT, gosh I'm sooo lame. I don't have much to talk about recently, but I think that I need to write down what happens so that I don't get here and then all of the sudden I have no idea what to write you guys.

But know that I love you and I will be praying for Adam's friends and your jobs.
Love Josh

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