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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31, 2011

**21st birthday!!**

As for news, I am......are you ready......going back to Győr. I'll be there as a trainer to a Hungarian that I got to know from Debrecen. His name is Murvai Tamás and he is way legit. He is preparing to serve a full-time mission and a trainer either make or break his mission, so I think that there needs to be a lot of trust in me from pres to do that, knowing what is at stake. Anyway, I got a call from pres this morning. That's how it usually works when we get calls. The trainers, APs or ZLs going into the position get a call from president.

I still havent gotten your package for my b day. It might come today for all I know.

As for this week, I did some fun things. We went to a basketball game on Wednesday and we went because there are a few Americans here that we know and the only reason that they are here is to play on the team. One is a member, but has been inactive for some time. But his wife is really cool and is about to have a boy. As for the other guy, his name is Kurt. He said that he got some of the new lebrons. I wanna see them. But in the game he had a few good slams. I loved going to see some ball again. I went to jump up and grab the rim with both hands like I used to and uh, came pretty short. It was sooo demeaning. I've got some work to do when I get home. Lol. I do happen to have a stationary bike however in the Győr appartment. So I think that I might take advantage of that this time. I am sure that you remember that there is one there.

This last week I worked pretty hard and I got sick and worked out pretty hard so I know that I am pushing myself to do what I need to.

We also went to this really wonderful family's house this last week. I feel so bad for them cause they live like an hour away and in a one room house. Like it's literally one room. The beds are all on one side and the toilet is in the corner. It's sooo sad, but they are always so happy. I really envy people like that. They were so nice to have us over and to make us little cup holders. They were made out of toiletpaper rolls and candy wrappers, but look pretty good and sturdy. I love their kids too. Their little girl is the one that slammed the door last week and then blammed me. ??? it was way cute.

Other than that, not much has gone on that I really want to talk about. There is a bright side to everything, I just need to find it, thats all.

I love you guys and thanks for the birthday wishes. I am going to work hard and I am sure that I will enjoy the rest of my mission. I'll take care of things later. I know that worrying about here while im here, the Lord will help me all the more when I'm 87 days.

Love you guys.

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