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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday July 26, 2010

Anyways how are you doing?
I’m doing ok. It was a long week, but has gone by pretty fast. I can’t believe how fast the transfer is going by and then it will be over. I think it’s insane how fast it goes when you are senior, cause you have to do pretty much the majority of the work and because of that you get lost in the time, you know.

I always enjoy getting a visit from Kolja. He is a really great guy and I’m glad that you set things up a little bit to allow us to meet.

Next week we have zone conference and it’s going to be a special one that happens once a year. We will have it start early and then we are going to go on a Budapest tour and a famous little town tour near the Duna (Danube) and will get to get things and have lots of cool pictures to take. I will try to send you some pics in two weeks since the time that we will go on the trip will be after the next e mail opportunity.
I am unsure of the details so I will let you know more about it when I know. Sound good. Lol.

Well it has cooled down a lot here and it feels really good. It rained last night and a little bit near the end of the evening yesterday. But the past few days it has been cloudy and therefore no sun has been able to get through top the ground and has made it really nice to be outside. It really helps your mood you know.

Well Elder Johnson is doing great. He is a great guy and we get along great. I am so glad that I have always had missionaries that I can get along with really well. I never have had a struggle with having to deal with a trouble comp. Everything is going ok here. The work could be a little better so we are going to work on getting a few more investigators this week, and so I hope that we can get some really good ones like the one that just got baptized on Saturday. Her name is Guóth Niki and is one of those people that we hear about that are the people that are completely ready to hear the gospel. She was found about 8 weeks ago and has been to church every time. She has done everything we ask her and because of that she has been properly prepared by the spirit and then on Sunday the second councilor in the bishopric had her get up and explain how she converted and knew this is what she wanted. I haven’t felt the spirit so much in my life. I could understand everything that she was saying PERFECTLY and was on the verge of crying because it was so heart felt that she was so happy to have found her place. I wish that you guys could have been there to hear it. It was amazing to hear the new converts’ testimonies. Mainly cause they are fresh and way happy to be where they are. Sort of like when Jeremy Ruettinger gave his talk in church. He was way happy to have this in his life now, and the same with Niki. It’s just a crazy good feeling to see your work actually work. If you look at how the things work on missions the number of people that get baptized compared to the number of people that we meet with you are very slim. So we constantly have to cycle things and do our job and hope for the best.

I always hope for the best cause I don’t want to waste my talents or time out here. I would have just spent two years doing nothing if I wasn’t trying my best to fulfill my purpose. So I really hope to grow even more now that I’m the senior comp. the feeling is kind of exhilarating.

As time goes on the excitement to do anything dies and so we as humans look for some way to excite it over and over again. So it’s a constant search for more and with enough faith it comes to those that wait. I have definitely noticed that.

Well I love you guys and hope all is well. I hope that your job goes through and you get what you are looking for. I will pray and keep you in mind.
Love Josh

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