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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday July 19, 2010

Sup dudes?

Well my memory card is full and I have a letter to send out so I will have that included in there.

Well anyway,about the whole Superman thing. Yes, Superman is awesome, but somehow everyone that hates him in the movies always seem to find Kryptonite. I'm not saying he isn't cool, but I just like the idea of Batman even better. And what's cool is that now there will be a Green Lantern movie. I have always said that they should make one. Just cause GL is another one of my favorite super heros. Not that I'm trying to be different, but I like liking things that arent just the 3 main guys. Almost everyone has a favorite superhero and they are all most likely between Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. LOL...

I'll bet it's way nice to go swimming. I really miss that, and not being super white. lol. I'm not too bad cause my skin doesnt get pale like some people's does, but it's still weird cause as far as I can remember I have never had a farmer's tan. Speaking of Goodmans, Jordan has one of the worst farmer tans I have ever seen. HAHA I miss camping with those guys. Those were some of my favorite memories from being at home. How are all the missionaries doing? I hear a little bit here and there, but not too much to know details. Thanks dad BTW for sending me their addresses.

But ya its been way hot here, and the missionary clothes dont really help~the long dark pants in 100 degree weather with a lot of humidity. But thankfully it did cool down a little bit. The downfall is that here they don't have screens so you either have to deal with a no-air-conditioning house or the bugs coming in. So most try to deal with the heat by being almost completely naked, and so tracting is always a great way to see 70-80 men in their underwear. ughhhh. But it rained a little bit on saturday night I think and because of that it's cooled and has brought more cloud coverage. So the shade and wind are helping a lot.

Well i told you that I would update you on the Hosch visit, it was way cool to see them. I really like Kolja and it was crazy to finally get to meet some more of my family that I never knew. I am also getting the family connections down like who is whose son or daughter and things like that.

Raimund took all of us out to McDonald's and we got to get to know each other there. He has had so many huge jobs in his life and is going to retire in a like 3 years here. He doesn't even look like he is 65 years old. It's insane. They are all really nice.

Well I hope that your fasting has worked or will work. I know that it helped me for the time being. I still have rollercoaster feelings, obviously when things are harder and you know the potential of the city and things like that. It just makes it harder to push, but at the same time you have to. It's a great experience and I will forever love some of these people that I have met and taught here. I love this branch a lot and not just because they have a nice building or have a bigger number of people, but more of the fact that I love the people and who they are, and how strong of members they are even after only a few years of membership. Almost everyone except for a few of the youth whose parents were converted like near the begining of the church here are all first generation members. It's crazy to see how fast this church is growing here. I really want to come back for the temple dedication. I know they will have one. I just dont know how long it will take. I will be so happy to hear when they announce one. We'll just be watching general conference and they will anounce it. ( I'm getting goosebumps just writing about it.)

Well as for my companion. He is way sweet. We get along really well already. We went on splits when I was in Pápa for a few weeks and so I got to know him there a little bit and then we kind of called that he would be my first junior, kind of in a joking manor and then when we got the call it was like I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT. I SO CALLED THAT ONE. Haha!

He is from Ogden and has one older sister. He loves to snowboard and just chill with his friends a lot. He said that he and his friends never really had a specific thing that they would always do, but rather that they went through phases of things. One summer was rope swings into lakes or the next was just mountian biking etc. Other than that he's only in his 3rd transfer. Putting things into perspective, when I was first put with Elder Cheney, he was in his 9th and I was in my 3rd. He goes home this transfer and now I'm in his positon when he got me. 9 and 3. It was a long time ago but then again it's hard to believe how fast it went and how fast it is going to go.

Well i love you guys and hope that everything is going great. If Adam and Austin are bored they should just work out. Thats one thing I'm really going to work on when I get home. Some P 90-X and what not. Johnson and I have been really good at running and stuff so I am feeling a lot better cause of it.

I don't really have a limited time, just to let you know. In the MTC we had half an hour but here we aren't limited. I just am not a good typer and don't really have much to talk about every week and I email a few people. But you are first this time. I still have to e mail President and now that I'm DL. I have to fill out infomation weekly and stuff then send it back to the office.
Anywho I hope that you love the pics I'm sending. I loved the ones that you guys sent. I really liked that.
Love Josh aka Slim
Elder Hosch

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