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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday July 12, 2010

I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and then also had to teach elders quorum. I think that its funny how I never have even taught Priest Quorum and then all of the sudden I'm out here in another country and in a different language I have to teach and talk all in the same church day. And the funny thing is, is that when the Elders Quorum President asked me to teach, he asked me to teach from the 12th lesson and so I was prepared for that and everything and then all of the sudden as he was announcing that I was going to teach, he mentioned that I will be teaching them from the 13th lesson and so in like 5 seconds I had the chance to read the title of the lesson and then teach it. Ugh. Worked out ok. At least I have the language excuse to say thats why it wasn't the best lesson in the world but you know.

What's way cool is that Kolja is coming this weekend with Raimund and his family too and so I will get to meet them and get to know some more family. I really enjoyed the time that I got to get to know Kolja and his family.

I really hope that you guys can come pick me up so that we can go visit them after going to Győr and stuff again. I think that way blows that the cars are constantly breaking down and that no matter how many times you fix them they get broken again. I would sure like to learn how to do all that stuff so when I get home I will have to have you show me how to fix all kinds of things. Yesterday I learned the word for handy-man in Hungarian. Its Ezermester. Ezer is 1000 and mester is, wow, Master so it's basically master of 1000 things. lol Hungarian is funny somtimes when you break it down.
I'm glad that I'm now at the point that I can say and understand pretty much whatever I want to in another language, even one this hard.
It's been pretty hot here too, and way humid. I hate the humidity.
Im sure anxious to get back to that dry Arizona heat. I love that feeling.

Well I hope that mom is doing well and that you had a great birthday. I feel so bad that at the time I literally had no money to get a card, let alone send one out to you. So happy late birhtday.
I love you guys and hope that I can hear from all of you next week.
Love Josh

P.S: I'll update you on the visit of all the Hosches later.

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