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Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hey guys,
Well not much news this week but definitely got some good news to hit you up with.
First off, you are reading from the new Győr District leader and so obviously I get to stay, but sadly my comp is going to Budapest to be the AP. The Nagy kutya(big dog). I am going senior finally with an elder from Szombathély named Elder Johnson. I will update you guys about him more when I know more about him.
I'm stoked to be asenior companion. And I'm also the 3rd missionary in a row to be in this city for at least 4 transfers. I am definitely going to bring you guys back here when you come pick me up. I love this city, even though there is a lot of work to be done, I still am way glad that get to stay here and I'm pretty sure that I get to stay here for just this last transfer but then again I might get to meet Raimund and see Kolja and stuff again. I would love to get to meet up with them and stuff again. I loved being able to meet some of the family members that I never had the chance to meet before.
A lot has happened and I have grown a lot and I think that it was just in time for me to take on even more things in my mission. And I know that before I know it will be home because am now in my ninth transfer and then I hit my double digits and after that it will be crazy fast.

Yes the guy that was baptized and then went to the temple and then had us over and talked to you guys was this guys wife, she is the one that got baptized in the river in the same place that he did. They are such a wonderful family and I really like getting to see them. Since I am staying in Győr I will most likely get to see them a few more times, which I don't mind. They are a way nice and well put together family.

I dont really have much else to say so might close for now. We had a program earlier and thats why I wasn't able to get out a message earlier. So now I'm writing to you but transfer weeks are soooo hectic and hard to try and organize your thoughts and things like that.
Well now that I'm staying I do have to give the talk in church and teach Elders Quorum next Sunday. It was only a maybe because we were unsure that I was staying or leaving. But since im staying I have to do those and then we are starting another round of the PMG lessons and thats held during the 2nd hour so I might just have to give a talk in church and then teach the second hour and then after that teach the elders quorum.
crazy huh.
Well I love you guys and hope that everything is ok with you up in AZ-
How hot is it there? I hate that it's humid and has bugs here and just ugh...
Well we have things to take care of because of the big transfer.
I love you guys,
Love Josh

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