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Monday, March 1, 2010

New city, new companion

Well, Josh is moving to the north western part of Hungary to a city called Győr. He will be serving with Elder Jared Egan from Gilette, WY. He has been out for 2 transfers longer than Josh and left the MTC the day before Josh entered. It's well worth looking up Győr on Wikipedia and searching the city on Google Images. What a gorgeous place. The work is apparently very strong there and the people are good.
As I'm trying to do with the cities Elder Josh serves in, I will post some history, statistical information, and probably make a slideshow in the next day or two of the city. So far, I'm completely in awe of the photographs I've seen.

Some tidbits from today's email:

Wow, I'm moving already. I heard that this city is amazing and I'm really excited. I will be serving with an Elder who is 2 transfers ahead of me, Elder Egan.

The language is still kind of hard but I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to speak a little more here and there and we both have some of the same interests and so I think that we will get along well. He was the one that told me after seeing my drawings that now he has started drawing. So I guess that we can help each other because he was a fitness trainer before he came on his mission and so I hope that we will work out a lot.

We have an investigator who is about 40ish and she really liked me and Wilcox Elder and now both of us will be gone. So I told her that there will be other missionaries, but she said that we were like her children and so it's hard for her to say goodbye. She's pretty cool and I hope that she continues to progress.

Other than going to a new city, we just went to a party. It's called a farsang- that's a Hungarian holiday around this time where they dress up like we do at Halloween but it's basically to scare winter away. It was pretty fun, I did some limbo and I never thought that I could go that low. It hurt after but oh well it was funny. I'll miss Pickerd Elder and the people here.
Well, love you and hope that you guys have a great week. I'm sure I'm going to after I get all unpacked and have things taken care of. I'm excited to progress to new places again.
Love you
Love Joshy

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