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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week in Hungary

Monday was a Hungarian holiday so the missionaries had a "super pday" and Josh didn't get to write much of an email that day-just a short, quick hello to say he'd write later in the week. This morning we heard from him:

Ya I see the picture right now (of Ken's broken foot). I feel so bad that every time he plays church sports he gets hurt, and the typical prayer before any sporting event includes ˝please bless us with safety so that no one will get hurt˝.

Why do you get to go to Boston? You should go to a Celtics game for me, lol.

Well Győr is freakin awesome, they have some awesome members here and this is where they do all the church translating for the stuff for the Hungarians. And serving with Elder Egan is awesome we are having so much fun and I am really learning a lot. I'm so glad that I have had really great comps. I really miss Elder Pickered and I just talked with him this morning cause our baptism date in Duna wants me to confer on her the holy ghost in church on the 28 and I'm kind of nervous about it because I never even did it in English. A lot of my firsts have been in Hungarian, like when it comes to priesthood blessings, now the holy ghost, holy crap. It's so cool. Originally she wanted me to baptize her but plans changed. So I get to go back to Dunaújváros.

But the new apartment is really nice, it's not as big as the one we had for about a week when I first got here but it still has a lot of room. Just the only problem is that our land lady redid a lot of things and so things are nice but we still don't have a shower curtain so we have to sit there in the tub and spray water on little by little and it evaporates. We get cold and it's just not fun yet but whatever, we are getting by and having a good time getting some work done.

Yes, the mail that has been sent to me was sent to the mission home by Pickerd and then was brought to me at zone conference.

Well, love you guys and hope that this Boston thing may get you a job, but not in boston because I want to come home at the end of my mission. wink wink.

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