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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This week in Provo

This week's update will include information from an email Josh sent as well as a letter he wrote to us that we got yesterday.

First, his email that he wanted passed on to everyone:

Hey everyone
So far I've only been able to hear one apostle talk. It was Elder Bednar. But since this week is the week where all the new mission presidents are here for training, I heard that apostles will be walking around the MTC and that Tuesday's devotional is now going to be this Friday and the Prophet is going to speak. That will be so awesome.

Just a pre-sorry. Since I've started learning Hungarian I spell wrong sometimes, like "prophet" is "profet" and stuff like that. It's weird.

Well I've got 5 weeks done today and still have a few days short of 6 left. Ah, I want to be out in Hungary right now. Tomorrow is the TRC day, which is where we go practice teaching, and recently returned missionaries volunteer to help. So we teach them, but tomorrow is the first time where it's all Hungarian. No English at all. csok magyarol. ugh. I now see why this is one of, if not the hardest, language to learn. Well it's coming slowly but surely.
One of my teachers told us what our first day will be like.
We will basically get to Budapest and go to the mission home with the same group you were in the MTC with and then you will go to some hill/mountain that has a statue, I'll get the story straight before I tell you all that story, but we basically go up there and look at all of Budapest. I can't wait to see that.
Well, everyone needs to write me. You look so forward to mail because you have almost nothing else to look forward to.

My address is:
Elder Josh Hosch
MTC mailbox #127
Hun-Bud 0803
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
Bye love you all except you Tim, lol

In his letter he was excited about the fact that the ancient ones, or in Hungarian they are called Osi's, are going to be heading to Hungary on Monday (June 22nd, which is now past). The Osi's are the missionaries who have been there the longest. Then the next group will leave for Hungary two weeks later and Josh's group, which all entered May 20th, will be the Osi's and they will get kici's, or "small ones". It's sort of like in high school when at first you're the freshmen and then you move up through and eventually become the seniors...he and his group are about to become seniors! Just one more group and then Josh's will be the next to fly to Hungary.

He's having a pretty good time, he said it's fun when you start learning the basics of the language and teaching the Hungarian people (he doesn't feel quite so lost). They still can't play much basketball, they can play a speed game and 21 but there's still a worry over the swine flu so they don't want a lot of contact. Josh said he doesn't know if he's grown but can touch his forehead on the basketball rim (I'm assuming when he jumps). I hope he's careful, I can just picture him knocking himself out or something by smacking his head on the basketball rim...

Josh's email at the MTC is (magas in Hungarian means tall one.) If you can't or won't write any other way, then write him on that...he said he's not getting a lot of mail other than his family and he desperately wants to hear from his friends and neighbors and loved ones. It would be better if you wrote through so it wouldn't take up his computer time to read emails, but if you have to email him directly at his address it would be better than not writing him. You're also free to email to me at and I'll get it to him.

Let's recap:

regular mail
dear elder email system email address
email me and I'll forward it to him

Lots of ways to write, no excuses!!

Josh is scheduled to be in the MTC about 75 days and he's almost at his halfway point, it will go quickly from here for him. He also said 2 guys that were on his high school volleyball team are now in the MTC, too, that is fun that he knows more people there. He already knew Taylor Buerger from York, PA who has now flown to Kobe,'s great to know somebody in there!

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