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Monday, June 15, 2009

Letter from Josh

We received a letter from Josh about his day on Tuesday, June 9...

"Wow is all I can say. Mom, I don't know how great your birthday was but your birthday was awesome for me.
It started off as any other Tuesday with gym at 6:30 am and class all day with the exception of eating, but then we had our Tuesday night devotional.
Dad I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to sing in the MTC choir. Like normal we practiced before dinner, then went to eat. After eating we returned to the building/gym where they were holding the devotional. People arrive early for good seats, but being in the choir you get in every time, so we can still show up only 15 minutes early and get great seats. Well since people show up like 30-45 minutes early, we sang until 7. About 5 min before we started, a man got up to the stand and said "we usually don't stand to sing the songs of Zion (then he raised his brow) except for when a general authority walks in." Then almost 10 seconds after we started singing, everyone stood up and I looked down and Elder David A. Bednar walked and started to sing with us. Never before have I felt so amazing about seeing someone with authority like that. You know I've met famous people. When I met Donovan McNabb, even for the 2nd time, didn't compare--just the power I felt as Elder Bednar walked in was incredible. Just the respect that I and all the other missionaries have for who he is and what he represents made me really think, how can this not be absolutely true?? Then, near the end of his talk he spoke about how the spirit he feels is the same that we do. So as we talked about it afterward, I thought, even if we dont' talk to somebody, they still might see us on the street and just like I looked at Elder Bednar and thought it was amazing who he is and what he represents, that the person that looks at me as I walk by might feel the same and it might be memorable because of who I am and who I represent. I know that was a long sentence.
Well, anyway, he is a great and funny guy. He has incredible stories."

He goes on to write some personal things to me and Ken and continues to ask for letters from his friends and he especially wants pictures!!

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