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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This week in Provo

Missionaries are allowed to fly now despite the swine flu at the MTC, so our friend's son was able to leave for Japan today (Kobe). We haven't heard any more news about sick missionaries so hopefully things are getting back to normal around there.

Josh is feeling pretty cooped up and wishing gym class was longer, he releases stress and/or frustration by being active and 50 minutes a day isn't enough. There were some restrictions on playing basketball since there'd be some contact; just another precaution to keep from spreading illness. There hasn't been word yet if that's lifted but may go on as long as there's a threat of spreading the swine flu or other flus in there.

They do have some fun, Josh and his roommates apparently made videos where they act out being super heroes or something equally goofy. He's been drawing a lot, which as you probably know is one way he LOVES to pass time. He draws on paper, the chalk boards, anywhere he can.

He's learning Hungarian so well; in just 3 weeks he's learned so much. He's able to say a prayer, bear his testimony, make introductions, teach some of the discussions, and more. It's an incredible accomplishment that's part of the magic at the MTC.

He misses playing his guitar; our neighbors can attest to the fact that he'd often just go into his room and play away in his own world. He actually told Ken he now regrets not being able to play the piano...I hope you all heard that!! If you're taking lessons practice a lot and don't stop!

He really is doing well, he's just missing some things that allow him to blow off steam. He continues to want even more letters and to hear from his friends and loved ones. Write him a lot while we can take advantage of the website and write him daily for free. If you're having any trouble using it just let me know!!

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