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Friday, June 19, 2009

Christmas comes early in the MTC

I was up in Utah over the first weekend in June because my best friend's daughter was getting baptized. While there, we went shopping for a package of goodies to send to Josh. We went to Sam's Club, Costco, and Walmart...and my friend Rachel got Josh HUGE packages of:

Pringle's snack packs
Lay's chips, variety of flavors
individually wrapped, iced sugar cookies
sleeves of little powdered doughnuts
individually wrapped muffins
M & M's (the HUGE bag)
Oreo cookies (I think...there's so much it's hard to remember!)
beef jerky

And I'm talking about HUGE packages of each item...not just a sample!

Josh emailed on Wednesday and said that the "small" package from Aunt Rachel arrived...and it was like Christmas! He got a call from the mail room and was asked to come down and get it because it was too big for the lady in the mail room to deal with!! I'm sure he was wondering what in the world could be there...and when he got it and opened it he just kept pulling one thing out after another. We all wish we could have watched him the whole time to see his reactions. Maybe he took pictures, if so we'll post them when we get them. Communication seems slow even though he can email weekly and write, etc.

If you've been on a mission you might remember the MTC experience...if you went foreign you probably remember that after a few weeks you were ready to GO. Josh has a while left but is already anxious to get going! Ken said they teach you about your country and language and get you so excited to go that it's all you want to do...and yet there's so much to learn and it takes time. He's having some incredible experiences, though, which he keeps saying over and over again. He knows he's in the right place for him at this time.

Keep writing him a lot, he needs the moral support from everyone. Feel free to send him pictures!!! I'm not sure he needs many treats, though...HAHA!

By the way, May 20-August 3rd is a little over 10 weeks. Josh is nearing his 5th he's almost halfway through his MTC experience.

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  1. I cannot believe he's already almost halfway through!!!!