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Friday, July 3, 2009

Latest letter as of July 3, 2009

Today we got a letter from Josh. I'll type it in for you all and share it with you.

You would not believe how awesome this week has been. As you know this week was a special one because it's "new mission President week". I heard that we were going to hear from President Monson in a special devotional but we didn't. We did, however, get to hear from Jeffrey R. Holland, and along with him on the stand was L. Tom perry, David A Bednar, Dallin H. Oaks, Quentin L. Cook, Neil L. Anderson, and D. Todd Christofferson.

Jeffrey R. Holland spoke about the power of the Holy Ghost and having it as a 3rd companion. Also that the Godhead will bear testimony of you as a missionary if you're doing everything to be a part of the drivine order. And he said "welcome to the work of Angels and divine companionship".

Today is now Sunday and I'm not very awake, but today was one of the best days here. We had a special Priesthood meeting with all the men and then the same with a sacrament meeting. What made today special was that as we walked out to go to our classroom, which is out front of the MTC, there were 2 very nicely kept cars and a group of people. As I walked over I was obviously wondering who was there. As I got closer I looked over and saw the Prophet and Henry B. Eyring standing out front talking. I could hear his voice but was far enough away from him to not make out the words, but it was still amazing to see Thomas S. Monson. I was standing on the curb near the exit of the MTC and was near the low part of the curb where the 2 cars drove off when they left. So I was just bawling my eyes out as I was literally arm's length from the cars as President Monson and Elder Eyring drove away with the windows down and they were waving back to me. It was just one of the most amazing feelings to be in the view of someone you have such a great respect for.

Throughout the week I saw Boyd K. Packer and Dieter F. Uchdorf walking around. Out of respect they asked that we not take pictures, but the memory still remains in my head. Never again in my life will I see the entire 1st Presidency and almost all the Quorum of the 12 in another place outside of the obvious General Conference. If President Monson had extended his hand to shake mine, I could have, that is how close I was. It was unbelievable. As I write this, it's only been about 10 minutes since he left. Crazy, huh?

Sorry I haven't written much. I've been so busy. Sundays I get a lot of time to write as well as Wednesdays. I also get some time after class for about an hour to write, but I spend it writing in my journal and getting ready for bed. As of the last week or two, I have really come to love the MTC. It would be nice to be in the field but it's safe to call this home for now. I think for me it will be weird to drive in a car again! I haven't done that in weeks, but I'm out of here in 5 weeks and a day. Whoooo! Thanks for your letters to give me motivation and to show your support.

Well, I love you guys and hope you share my experiences with those that want to hear them.

I will talk to you later,
Hosch Elder

On Wednesday Josh emailed that they can play basketball games again and he's VERY happy about that!! He said the last of the missionaries with the flu was due to leave quarrantine on Thursday (July 2) so they got the all-clear. He also said that some new missionaries came into the MTC who need to learn Hungarian so they got some "kici's" or young ones, as they call them. That is a sign they are getting closer and closer to leaving for Hungary.

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