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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stolen items and hospital visits

Did that get your attention? First things first...the "stolen" item. Josh emailed us on Wednesday and said he was so upset, he'd used his camera on the 4th of July and put it away in the closet in his room. He went for his memory card to send it to us and it simply wasn't in his camera. He asked the missionaries around him and they said they knew nothing about it, so he was pretty upset thinking somebody might have stolen it. That was pretty much the only thing he emailed about on Wednesday, which is why I didn't post anything new.

So today we got a letter he wrote on Friday, a few days after the email. Here it is:

Man, this week has been strange. Turns out one of the guys in my district had my memory card, but the reason I didn't know and wasn't able to ask him is a long story.

On Tuesday night his stomach started to hurt a little bit and thought it was gas or something, so he began to jump around and stuff to see if he could push it out somehow. (Sorry folks, I'm writing word for word, for better or worse!) What was really going on is that his appendix was inflamed. That night he asked Gardenhire Elder for a blessing at like 1 in the morning. He couldn't sleep cause it was bothering him. As soon as Gardenhire said "amen", he instantly stopped hurting. Then like a minute later it came back worse, so they called the front desk and went to the hospital. Mason Elder was put through a scanner of some kind and they found out the problem. So at 5 in the morning he got his appendix taken out and the doctors told him he was probably about 20-30 minutes from it bursting. If it burst he would have had to flush out all of his blood and get new blood and the process would take 2 weeks, then healing would take a long time. If this happened the doctor said he would have had to go home. Crazy, huh?

But a day later he came back and the doctor told him that the healing should have taken a few days but he's already up and running. His family was able to come in and his father gave him a Father's blessing, which I know helped.

But ya, July 4th was fun. We got to go to the back of the MTC and watch fireworks. (The MTC just located just north of the BYU football stadium where a huge concert and fireworks show takes place every year.) It was fun to watch them. I was among about 1,000 missionaries or so and Clark Elder and I took some of the chips I got (remember the HUGE package from Aunt Rachel!!) and threw them up in the air for people. It was awesome.

I've been working out quite a bit and I can dunk now. One of the gym guys lets us dunk in "speed" (a type of bball game) because we can't play games and they don't want us to even touch the rims except for dunking in games, which sucks but oh well. Also, I'm a little buffer. I'm about 198 lbs (he was 187 when he left). I don't know if I'm any taller but I hope so. What's crazy is that on Monday I will only have 3 weeks left and I think I can call you guys (mom and dad) as I leave the MTC.

Thanks for having people write me. What's weird is people I don't even know are writing. What's funny also is that Rachel's CTR class (in Draper, Utah) drew pics for me and so did Sister DeTemple's class. Thanks for your support and prayers that you say in my behalf. I'm so excited to be a missionary! Last night my comp (companion) and I taught the 2nd discussion in Hungarian and it's so cool to speak another language. Sorry if my handwriting isn't readable (it is pretty sloppy, to tell the truth). After writing a bunch of letters you stop caring about your handwriting! I got like 15 letters on Monday and still haven't finished writing people back.

Well it's just fun to be a missionary and I'm not even in the field yet. But weirdly enough I'm not the least bit nervous about going out and teaching. I don't know very much but I learn quickly.

Hosch Elder

Szeretlek csaladom. Hallas vagyok a segittekert. Nagyon faradt vagyok, de nagyon jo is. Sok sikert.

(By you all, I love you my family. I am grateful for all of your help. I am very tired, but I am also very good. Good luck.)

Josh sent us his memory card so once we figure out how to get the pictures and videos off the card I'll post them. He has a different camera than we have so we have to figure this out!

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