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Friday, July 31, 2009

"I'm leavin' on a jet plane..."

Well, Josh got his flight information and tickets. He leaves the MTC on Monday, August 3rd for Hungary. He'll fly from Salt Lake to Paris, then go on to Budapest. He's so unbelievably excited to get on with his mission after spending so much time at the MTC. All these weeks of training and learning the language, he's about to go out and start to use it!! The adjustments have not been easy but he's so excited and willing to do whatever it takes to be a successful missionary and serve his full-time mission.

In his last letter home he didn't say much but give us his flight information. But while I was away he sent a letter home and has really learned to lean on prayer. He said that the language continues to get harder and harder; while he's learned a lot, the more he learns, the more he finds he needs to learn. Hopefully being among the natives in Hungary will help him with that. There's nothing better for learning a language than full immersion. He said on the days he prays he can learn; on the days he doesn't pray, he has a hard time learning or even feels like he doesn't learn at all. Wow...he also said that he can't believe it himself, but when he lays down to go to sleep at night, he just has to pray or he can't sleep. If he hops into bed without personal prayer, he just thinks "pray, pray, pray..." So he's learning to lean on personal prayer to get him through.

He continues to miss everyone a lot but is so excited for the day he can come home and share his experiences. He writes in his mission journal pretty much daily-hopefully that will continue. It would just be too hard to catch up if he got behind.

If you've been writing Josh using, I guess you can't do that for free anymore. Even if you wrote him over the weekend or on Monday, he will leave the MTC prior to the emails being put in his mailbox. His MTC mailbox days are over. You can still use DearElder and send things to Hungary...but that costs the same as mailing a letter, it's up to you how you write to say hello. You are still welcome to send emails to and I'll email them to him. The church really wants missionaries to use their email for families only.

He can be written at:
Elder Joshua Hosch
HAJNOCZY Jozsef Utca 14

If we get a more specific address, I'll post it all over the place for everyone to find~

Thank you so much to everyone who has written Josh and helped support him through his time at the MTC. It's amazing as his mother to see the changes he's already gone through and it's only been a short amount of time. I'm sure it will just continue~

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