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Monday, December 27, 2010

December 20, 2010

Whoa I almost choked and fell over dead. I am actually getting a package from you guys? I have gotten packages from people though. I got some from Raimund already and I also have gotten one from Tante Liesl.

This week was pretty quiet in the beggining, but then near the end it got better.

Wednesday was transfers and I got the chance to have an interivew with President Baughman. As the talk went on, I kinda realized something. With opposition in all things, we need to feel the opposition to truly appreciate the good sides of things. I think that with coming to realize some of the happiest things in my life, I have also needed to experience the bad part, "the oppostion", or maybe the opposition makes me realize the good side of things.

So with that talk and a really diligent comp, who is a really great guy, I am doing great. I feel like I'm just tearing it up now. Now that I'm enjoying it again, the time will fly and I'll better the people and work here. I still hate the snow and things aren't the easiest to be working in, but life's good. Sadly, I'm feeling each night that I might be getting a little sicker and then on top of that, somehow I have my hip flexer pulled and it's way tender and hurts to walk, I'm almost done though. I'm super happy. I have so much waiting for me at home.

Well to continue, Thursday, I don't even remember,
Friday we went out to a little villiage named Kurd. Its near Dombóvár, which is like an hour away, but a German family lives there that are really nice. We only visit them once a transfer because it was a day-long thing.
They made a really nice lunch/dinner for us. While there i really felt like a greenie again. Its been a long time since I learned some German, but I could hear so many words that were familiar, and since I recognized them, but could not remember the meaning, it got way annoying. I felt like I should know those words, but then again, its been like 3-4 years since I studied it and never really knew it, so it's no big deal, but it made me want to learn it again. If I can learn Hungarian, then I definitely could learn German. The only thing is that the way I want to learn it, to speak like a native, would be through living there for a year or two, but I don't don't have the time to just move to Germany for the sole purpose of learning German! It'd be way cool, though. The son there knew how to speak English, so I could say my two phrases that I can remember and then I'd have him translate.

Saturday we were invited to our branch presidents house for a Christmas lunch. We did it a week earlier because he is from Pécs and so he is going to have the Pécs Elders over another time. He has a daughter over in England on her mission. She is on the little island called Jersey between France and England. It's really small, but that would be fun. Anyway, we just looked at pics of that and ate some Tiltölt kápolszta. (stuffed cabbage). Its SOOOOO good. Then after that we had some time to spare before our bus left so we went to the Christmas party to say hi over at the Pécs branch house and so I got to say hi to a lot of the Pécs member again and got to actually talk with them now that I know how to do that. When I was there before, I couldn't speak Hungarian yet very well.

Other than that we have had a little branch get together, we had an investigator come as Santa and hand things out.

Well things are going pretty good here. The work is picking up and we are getting things done.

It's hard to believe I'm in my 13th tranfer. HOLY crud. And I'll be 21 in a little over a month. Also for Christmas we have zone conference Thursday, then Friday we'll be in Veszprém with Elder Mason, then Pécs on Saturday and stuff. I don't know details on what we'll do. I am just ready for some mental rest. All the traveling and the cold is just wearing me down, so it's going to be nice to have a break.

Well thanks for all the stuff. I don't know what it is yet, but thanks anyways.

I love you guys.
Have a wonderful Christmas and we will talk soon.
Love Elder Hosch

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