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Monday, December 27, 2010

December 13, 2010

From Elder Hosch's email this week:

Yesterday I gave a talk in church and it was based off of President Monson's talk this last conference, the one about expressing gratitude in any situation. I honestly think that I got more out of it than the members that I gave the talk to. As I was preparing that morning, I just felt like I really need to take that talk into my own life a lot more powerfully than I have been. It kind of goes back to my whole trying to be more optimistic. He started off his talk by going over the part in Luke 17 where there were ten lepers and they knew to turn to Jesus for help, but then after doing what he said and being healed, only one turned back and thanked Him for that. It make me think, ya I'm out here and I'm "following" what He has asked me to do, but how earnest have I been in telling Him that I'm grateful for what I have received from all of this. I really felt an urge to just start praying about what I am thankful for. I can only give you a few guesses about what those things are, but it was one of the more spiritually powerful prayers I have had in my life. It just felt so good to read the words of the prophet, take heed to them and then act on them and really feel the joy that comes from it. I love getting those little boosts here and there to really make things more special. I really needed that at that time and I am glad that I took what it takes to just DO IT (Thank you Nike).

Time isn't going by too fast right now but I think that it will soon. Next week we have Zone Conference and then after that we have 3 super P days. The Monday after that I might have to be going up to the place where we get our visas cause my new comp is now in his second transfer. The greenie that was here in Kaposvár with an Elder Miller is now coming over with me. His name is David Runnells. He is from Utah and a way cool guy. We will have some fun. He is really obedient and will teach me a thing or two and we'll just have fun with Christmas and then my b-day. (21!!!)

Love you,
Elder Hosch

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