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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday August 9, 2010

Whats up,

Well the trip was way relaxing and I got to hang out with Elder Mason for the most part. It was cool to spend the day up in Budapest with a bunch of other missionaries. Also now as Elder Houstman being the AP he gave a training with his new comp and it was really, really good. It really helped me want to be better, like every zone conference, but this was really cool. I loved serving with him. I think that it will be really cool to room with him up at BYU if i make it there. I really hope that I get in there. When I am going it's going to be during the January semester, and not as many people are applying at that time as they are compared to August.

On Tuesday we went up to a little city called Szentendre (if I spelled it right) and there we went to this little town within it that is like a museum called Skanzen. It was pretty wierd that there is just a like square mile town fenced off and it was like going back into the middle ages. There were little huts with like hay roofs and what not. It wasn't the most fun thing but pretty interesting.

But there was another part to the whole thing. We went to the Szentendre town and it was basically a walking street with tons of little shops set up and thing like that, I didnt really get anything except a cool looking shirt that looks like a Hungarian soccer jersey. I think that it's pretty sweet. I'll send a pic of it some time.
Well we basically just walked around the little stores looking at things and then went home.
It wasn't a huge thing. It was nice to hang out with Houstman again. I stayed in the mission home for some time after the trip because we planned to go on splits after ZC (zone conference), so the ZL (zone leader) was going to take us home instead of us having to take the train home. But because in Pápa they started a game day, they wanted to get an American football for it, so they took my comp and then the ZL and his comp went out to get one and they called me and told me that they would be back about a half hour later but it ended up being about an hour and a half and so when the APs, being the last people in the mission home, had to leave they went to drop me off with the President and then they got back. So we didn't end up getting home until about 10:30 after getting up that morning at about 4 AM. Long day but was nice to have some good trainings and some down time after a while with a bunch of other missionaries. Other than that, there wasnt much going on this week. There was this one guy that Elder Johnson stopped that was pretty jerky to us. We told him our names and then he was like, "Oh you're the Mormons, huh? Well you guys are the ones with all those wives in America, huh?" We told him that it isn't us, and he was like, "ya it is." I knew about one of your people that came here and took some girl and locked her up, then she had to call for help a lot before the guy would finally let her go." We tried to explain that we have no idea what hes talking about and then he was like, "No this is how it is" and walked off. Johnson and I just looked at eachother like, uh we are Mormons and he has no idea what's up. How does he claim to know more about us than we do. lol It was a funny experience that was really weird at the same time.
Well I love you guys. If you were going to send the package to the Győr home I would hold it off or send it to the mission home cause transfer calls are already next week, Dang.
Love Josh

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