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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday August 23, 2010

Well Debrecen is the second biggest city in the country and is really pretty. It is another college town so lots of opportunities to talk to young, well put-together, intelligent people. We have programs every week that the senior couple puts on. It's a nice way to still work and relax a little bit almost every night while we can talk to members, non-members etc....
I really am drawing a blank on what to say. I'll try my best. I don't really know the city too much because since I got here a majority of the time I haven't been here or having to work.
Wednesday was tranfers and so we got here and because the trip is so long it was basically the night. Then after that, Friday was a super p day and so we got to go to the flower festival where all of the people go every year here. It's a really big thing in Hungary and I heard about it and then was lucky enough to be here for it when it happened.
Then after that we had church and stuff on Sunday. I was lucky enough to be told on Saturday morning that I had a talk and also have to help the senior elder in his meeting before church. I translate for him. Translating is harder than I thought. I can understand it but trying to put it together into English is another story. I think that it is easier translating the other way into a simpler form.
The talk went well and I had lots of fun being able to get up there and see all the new members in a different way than normal. I got to stand before them and tell them whatever I felt like I needed to before I knew them personally.
Well then today I spent all of the day up in Budapest cause Elder Johnson had to go complete some of the visa stuff to be able to stay in the country. So while all of the missionaries did that, the senior comps went and had fun. Elder Mason and I went to the guitar store down in Kispest. The guy that owns it ended up being an investigator after he and Houstman went in on a few p days. He is the guy that gave Elder Houstman his Uklele. So it was nice to be on an electric guitar and just feel the power level that it has over a dang little acoustic. It was freakin sweet.

I'll tell a little bit about my comp-
He is from Rigby, idaho and is the oldest of 3 boys in his family. We get along way well and we both have a few things in common. He likes guitar and so do I. We just get to work and all kinds of stuff really well. We have set some good goals to get some things going. He played football in high school, he played nose guard and line backer. He says that his job as the nose blocker was to make sure that the other team couldn't hit his teamates in the nose. He also says he did really well cause no one got a bloody nose the whole season. I think that might have been a school record, too.
I have been keeping track of all the people that I was a part of teaching. I know how important all this is to these people and so I want to remember them and when it all happened. I am hoping and working for some more pretty soon here. I don't think that we have any coming soon, but we got a few really good finds. One guy came in after English class and asked about our church because he said that he lived in this city a long time ago and has been in England, but never knew that there was a church built around here. So we talked to him and he said that he would like to come to church when we are holding our meetings so we told him when and so he and his GF came on Sunday and we are meeting with them on Tuesday and will have lots of hope for him. I think that people are meant to run into certian people at certian times. If you know what I mean, I have a strong testimony about that.
Well I hope that you have a great week and tell everyone hi for me. I sure miss them over there, but I am glad that I'm out here. I have learned so much that you can't even tell. It's just one of those things that you'll have to see in me when I get back. It's hard for me to really tell you myself, but I definitely do feel a big difference.
Love Josh

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