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Monday, April 12, 2010

From the week of April 4th


Monday was a super p day because of Easter and here it's a two-day holiday, so I wasn't able to e mail on that day because everything was closed down. That's why I'm e mailing a few days late. And I couldn't email Tuesday because we had interviews. Like zone conference, it was all day and we have trainings all while President interviews people.

I'm so glad to have such an awesome mission president. He and his wife are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But everything has been going great. We not only made it into the 20 lessons club last week, but surpassed it like crazy. 34 lessons oh ya. Sadly though I think the fun with Elder Egan will be over soon because the end of the transfer is already in a week. On the 14th we will go to transfers so next Monday we will hear the news on what will happen with everyone. We both think that he is leaving cause he has been here for a long time and not many people stay in the same area for too long. Here, people usually stay for 3, maybe 4 transfers, but there have been times where missionaries stay longer too.

I sure hope that I get to saty here for a long time. I like it here and so it will make things easier as I transition from a junior comp to a senior comp. At times I feel ready and other times I don't, but just like with any form of work that I did it just takes some time to get familiar with the posistion. Just like when I started at subway I had no idea how to make certian things and they just threw me out on the line helping the customers, but then near the end and not too long after, I knew that place inside and out. I can still probably make any sandwhich and ring up the customer and everything. So I think that I will just need to experience it until I get the hang of things.

Well for the super p day we were planning on whipping and and all kinds of cool stuff like a hike and going to visit the Jewish synagog, but it rained so just like your trip to Boston we had to stay inside, so we played some ping pong and then played some basketball out in the rain too. But the fun part was that there are the 2elders here and 2 sisters here too, but then Elder Lynn from Pápa whose place I took here in Győr came with his comp Elder Miller and then 2 sisters from Szombathély came so there were 8 missionaries. Then 2 youth from Pápa and a few from here came, so it was a big party, then we (only as missionaries) and also one of the youth here who is an exchange student from Colorado (Jessica Pulsipher) ate a big meal and watched The Rescuers Down Under. Other than that nothing has really happend since last week. We have gotten news thogh throughout the mission that as a mission we are gradually getting better. As of this time last year we had about 19 baptisms and this year already we have had 48 and I was able to be a part of two of them. One the baptism part and the other the confirmation. It's really cool to see how much this mission has grown. We really want to get this message out to as many people as possible.

I also hope that the other missionaries in our ward get to, too. We are all in differnt areas and it's kinda weird to think that we are all in different parts of the world. I sure miss those guys. Any parents of a missionary, I would like to ask for their mission home addresses so that I can keep in touch with them if that's posible. You can e mail me or get them to my mom and she will get them to me somehow.
Well as of now I dont have much to say except that I love all of you and hope that I get to hear from you soon and that I have a letter ready to go out today.
Love Elder Hosch (Joshy)

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