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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 4, 2010

Left to right: Elder Mason, Elder Houstman, Elder Hosch

(Elder Houstman heading home to the U.S.!!)
Hello guys,
Not much has happened this week. It was transfers, but then just back to normal.

Well, conference really made me think of you guys a lot, so when Elder Holland was taking about while he was on his mission and how he really appreciated his family, I realized that I never really tell you guys how much you mean to me. I love you guys so much and I am happy for all that you have done for me. I love my brothers and being able to do things with them. I am also very glad for all that you have gone through to make me who I am today. I am happy with who I am today and I know that a lot of it is because of the things you have done before.

Speaking of conference, it makes you really proud to be a missionary when they talk like that to the whole world about you. It's good to hear that some people are happy with what we do. I'm not saying that there aren't those people, just way out here I don't hear it often and feel like what I do isn't important to the people that try to help. I love this church, even more so since I've been a missionary and feel welcomed by another people. I've learned to love them and really want them to be happy, especially after all that they have gone through, when they feel like there is no future or hope, I want to tell them there is and they don't want to hear it. That's why missions are hard. To me the work is easy, it's just the fact that so many people are cold and bitter towards God for there lack of good earthly riches and those who are good in that way aren't satisfied with what they have and miss out on what makes them truly happy.

Mom, I've been a senior companion for three transfers. Elder Johnson was only in his 2nd. I loved serving with him, just not much happened. My new comp is Elder Christensen from idaho. He's also pretty quiet but I make up for it. He is really cool though. We have had a great week together. Lots of fun and trying to figure out how to get things going here. Other than that we are just getting things going.

I love you guys. We are going to Hortobágy today to get some whips and have some fun.
Love you and I'll write you guys a letter, too, with more details, when it comes to e-mailing I have no idea really what to talk about.

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