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Monday, February 15, 2010

Week of February 8-February 15, 2010

Well last Saturday I got to baptize Orsós András. He is a funny guy. I'm hoping you guys get to meet him cause we will definitely go to the Pécs branch for church.
Pickerd Elder told me that he got an e mail from you saying that his mom called so I only knew about that about a minute after him.
Ya I knew the elder that was from Mesa who served here. He's elder James P. Vaterlaus and was Clark Elder's trainer and my trainer's comp in the MTC. Small world.
As a whole I'm glad I'm out here. I just miss being able to listen to music and all kinds of stuff that makes me feel on top of the world.

I am glad that Casey is out on his mission. I think that it's cool to hear the impact that I have on people without even trying. I got my memory book back from Komló and the members or good investigators said really nice things, Livia told me that Komló seems a little darker ever since I havent been there, and a member's daughter that has two kids, oldest 12, said thanks for showing my kids that a mission isn't just a serious thing, but can be really enjoyed. I felt worthless in those first few transers. Not being able to speak almost at all and just kinda going with it cause of missing home. But then my good friend in the mission who I want to get a chance to serve with, Alex Recksiek, wrote that in a few months I could be one of the best missionaries because my personality has the ability to touch these people in a way that they will always remember.
But no I havent seen my brothers in their suits. Sadly.
Ya I have been to the bakery here. It's called a Pékség. The one here is amazing and I love it. I usually get the mogyorókrémes bukta. It's basically a croissant with nutella type stuff in it but it's better. Here, peanut butter doesnt exist, so they have a chocolate kind that is good for crepes and stuff.
I know Elder Egan and stuff, he's two groups ahead of me and he told me that he started to try drawing some Dragon Ball Z cause he loved my drawings. lol Elder Austin Bennion is a group ahead of me and is tight. Love that kid.
That's so cool to hear that Adam and Austin are doing sports. I love sports and music. Both are my life and I regretably didn't try out for either and it really sucks. I know I could have done great in basketball and football in high school.
I saw the torch lighting. Some really cool investigators let us see it. They love hockey and told me that Wayne Gretzky did it but then when I watched it I screamed "oh ya baby Steve Nash" before the announcer. They have been to USA a few times and might move to Tucson, they are still looking. But only the mom knows English. She is an English teacher.
Well I love you and everyone else. The basptism was awesome. Many members here tell me that they see pics of me with little hot dogs and me and my brothers in the forest so I'm guessing they all somehow found out about my blog.
Love Joshy AKA Stretch (my nickname here) lol

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  1. Hey Hosch mother thanks for posting this stuff! It's really fun to follow a missionary whos's still in the mission! Especially because I served in that same city that he's in now. And because Elder Hosch was in my last district before I came home! The blog looks great and thanks for keeping it up to date! It's fun!