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Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 19 and 20

We had a special family breakfast, then took Josh to the airport for his flight to Salt Lake. There he would be picked up by our great friends Mark and Rachel Schenk, who took great care of him! Thanks to the Schenks for taking him out to dinner and for ice cream, giving him a warm bed to sleep in, and treating him like one of your own.

He called us from a cell phone when he got to SLC, I couldn't understand where he'd get a cell phone because he left his here (cell phones don't go on mission!) and he said he'd sat beside another missionary heading up to the MTC with his mother and sister (and he said, by the way, the sister was REALLY cute). We told him we'd stood and watched his plane from the roof of the airport parking garage. We could see his gate and watched his plane for over an hour until it took off. He said he never once saw us! He was sitting in an aisle seat talking the whole time. There we were in 100 degrees getting sunburned at 9:30 am; but so excited, yelling, crying, waving things, and he was talking to a hot girl...

Then on Wednesday he went into the Missionary Training Center, or MTC, and officially started his days as a missionary.

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  1. How awesome you've started this blog!! You are one dedicated Mother and blogger!