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Monday, May 25, 2009

First Letter

We got our first letter from Josh! I wish we would have gotten the mail Saturday because there's no mail service today, clearly this was sitting in our box all weekend.

In the MTC Josh's companion is Elder Connor Stark Kubricky from Ogden, Utah. {I can't help but wonder if he knows Elder Kevin Hosch, Ken's cousin's son, who has been serving a mission in Ogden for the past 2 years! That would be pretty cool. The "Mormon" world is a small one sometimes...}

Josh is doing really well. He sounds SO excited and so happy. He said one of the most amazing things was singing with all the other new missionaries. Is this my son? Saying singing is amazing? Haha! Just before entering the MTC Ken and Josh spoke on the phone. Ken told Josh he should volunteer for the MTC choir so he could sing on Tuesday evenings for the General Authorities that visit. Josh laughed about that, but after the experience he had singing with the other missionaries, maybe he'll change his mind!

He's also with Elder Miller from Spanish Fork, Utah and Elder Wirthen from Las Vegas, NV.

I guess they say the last name first, then Josh is actually Hosch Elder, not Elder Hosch.

He says the reports of the MTC food are all true, his stomach is gurgling like crazy. Sorry to share that but if you've been there you'll relate.

PS Josh said there is a movie they show at the MTC and he swears he saw Ken in the crowd of young elders in the film. Apparently it was filmed about 1985, which is when Ken was there...anyone know any real details about the film shown at the MTC?

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