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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Everything is foreign

Josh email on Monday and had the following to report after we asked him about life in Hungary:

For laundry here I have a washer in my apartment so I just wash whenever I need to and we air dry cause they don't believe in dryers or at least haven't even heard about them. They also don't belive in cold drinks cause they will give you a cold and they think that air conditioning puts germs in the home that are very bad for your health, so it's still dang hot, period. The food is really good if it's a Hungarian meal. I still have yet to find a loaf of bread that isn't hard and milk that tastes good.
My comp and I are getting along great so that's good. He was a cross country guy in high school so we run every morning for like 30 min and now I'm down to 186 lbs. I love the European chocolate too. yuummm. He's kind of the quieter type but he's awesome for helping me learn. He has a strong will to serve which I hope rubs off onto me. We have a good time though.
Today we dont have a p day cause on thursday (20th) was a super P day cause that day is the Hungarian Independance Day and so I played some basketball and ping pong with the 4 Pécs elders and we watched the Nightmare Before Christmas. In this mission we can watch animated movies as long as they are rated G and not live action. So weirdly enough we can watch the Incredibles but the Best Two Years is not an approved movie. We can only watch a movie once a transfer though and we have to tell the mission pres when we watch it, what movie we are watching. This thursday I have to go back up to Budapest for zone conference and then again next Thursday for interviews and because it takes literally all day they are really long days, but fun to ride a series of trains and metros to get to the mission home.

He mentioned that someone has asked him to baptize him. Josh hasn't been one of the missionaries teaching him but this particular man needs to be rebaptized and feels that Josh is a good and non-judgemental person, so he's requesting that Josh be the baptizing Elder, if possible. We'll see how that goes as time goes on.

The rest is personal things to our family, basically he's really experiencing bouts of homesickness and memories of home are pretty good right now. Time is going a bit slowly for him and he said he thinks that he has one foot in Hungary and the other is slowly dragging across the U.S. Once he has the language a bit better and "both feet" in Hungary he believes time will go faster. He's hoping!

He also mentioned the other week that his computer has a Hungarian keyboard. Between that and trying to think in two different languages, his letters may sound a bit odd or his words may be mixed up. We don't care as long as we hear from him, but I do some proofreading and correcting before posting his letters.

Until next week...

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  1. The cold drinks thing is pretty funny! So European...sounds like he's doing better than when he first got there. He's a trooper!