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Monday, December 14, 2009

Today's email:

First off my new address is
2400 Dunaújváros
Lajos Király Kör

The move was a pain in the butt. I lugged my life basically in a few bags about a mile to the train station at like 6 in the morning and then had a nice 3 hour train ride up to Budapest, but after that was fine. I'm one of the first ZLAs (Zone Leader Assistants), just the lack of missionaries in this mission is making things a little harder here and there. But the ZLs get cars and both get phones and so I get all the benefits of being a ZL. I get my own phone, which I will use to call you guys at around 10 am on Christmas if that's good, just because any later there will be later here and we can only talk for 1 1/2 hours.
I also get to spend the winter season in a car for the most part except for streeting, but I get to serve with a ZL who I went on splits with back in October and then it turned into another one of those we became friends and were both like, hey I wonder if we will ever serve together, but then we were both like, ahh probably not, he's a year and a half out and I'm just barely over a 1/4 so we never thought it would happen but then it did. He's a hard worker so it's making me work harder and so I'm already getting into a good habit as a younger missionary.

Before I forget later, what is Roland's email? I want to email him too.

Ya I'm pretty spoiled with the first apartment I got. The one I have now is a lot smaller and not as good. Everything still works, but just with how big I am and how used I am to lots of room it makes things a little more difficult because I have to work so much more for such a simple task. It's not thats it's hard, just annoying.

Ya I got an e mail from Dieter talking about Elder Baumgartl, and so I called him and asked him if he remembers Dennis and he said ya, I told him that he's gotten to meet a relative that I don't ever think I've been able to meet and that it IS a small world that he already knew my family before we even met on our missions.

I saw the blog briefly too because some members here wanted to see some pics of you guys and I didn't have the book (Costco photobook of the first 20 years of our family) on hand so they brought out their lap top and I looked on there and the only pic I could find was the one where we were all crying right before I left. I almost started crying right there. It's so sad to see people crying, but when it's me and my family and I can remember exactly why and how hard it was, it just makes it hard not to get teary-eyed for me.
The little boy in the pic is Hunor. (who-nor) he is in the Pécs branch, but that pic was takin just outside the Dunaújváros branch house becuse of the multi-branch conference that was held there a while ago. So it's wierd that I've been up to Duna a few times and then now I serve here. Duna is the Danube river, but thats what it's called here. But he is one of the coolest little kids I've met here and we are pretty good buds. I miss that branch down there. It's almost like leaving family all over again every time there is a transfer and either a comp leaves or I go somewhere else.

And yes I got my new contacts and that will be cool to get some mail from the Primary, it's happened a few times like one from Rachel's in Utah, then one from Sister Detemple, the class that I taught a few times on the 5th sunday. But the card got here just fine. I got it and will try to see how I will send my almost full one . The pics I put up just scratched the surface of all the cool pics I got and the videos are funny too. Can't wait to you guys plug it to the tv and then get to watch them. It will be good that way. Then to hear your reaction. It will be my Christmas present to you but I want to get a flash drive and back them up before I send them just in know.

Sweet I can't wait to go to college and see some hotties and well of course learn again. I feel so retarded, I am losing some English pertaining to the spelling of some words and the meaning of the bigger words, and then on top of it it still feels like I'll never understand this language.

Well about Elder Wilcox. He's funny. So we get along well and I already wrote that he's a hard worker and a lot of people think we are the jokes/goofs of the mission because lots of missionaries already know I'm a goofball and then they all know that Wilcox is too. But not in a bad way. We just have fun while we are doing the work. He's going to be a big help to me. I do miss elder Cheney though. We were like best friends out here and I miss being able to chill with him in the big apartment we had and just having fun on P days together. Once agian I'm in a city with only 2 missionaries, one of them being me, but this time we don't have the luxury of going to another city to spend p days with other missionaries, but what ever. Wilcox is from Kaysville, Utah. He's the 6th of 9 kids.

I think the guitars are banned here but I have gone to the guitar shop in Pécs a few times on P days and played there. It wasnt too fun though because the amp they test on is the size of my little fender amp, but lower quality. I sure miss my heavy metal though. Just going in my room and rocking out to Metallica or Avenged Sevenfold and stuff. But I'm ok. I just hope that I don't stink when I get home. Especially at basketball, ugh I miss that the most.

With the calling I'm not sure what will happen exactly but if it's cheaper than me calling you, then I can get to talk to you longer too. And that would be sweet. They limit the time due to cost, but if it's no cost to them then I can talk longer I hope.
Well I hope that this is a pretty good e mail.
Love you guys and I will TALK to you soon! Love, Joshy

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