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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ends and Beginnings

Well, Josh's first companion and trainer, Christensen Elder, left Hungary for home (the U.S.) His mission is done! Now Josh has a new companion, Cheney Elder.

Josh knew him a little bit before this companionship because they'd met in Budapest during one of Josh's trips to take care of his visa paperwork. They bonded over a mean game of ping pong and are now enjoying being companions. They have put together an exercise routine to help keep them in shape, I guess more than the running he and Christensen Elder were doing.

Some weeks it's hard to post an update. We hear from Josh weekly but sometimes his emails are short and he doesn't say much more than hello and a few personal things to the family. Here's a compilation of his last few emails:

That's cool to hear that Jordan (Driggs) got his call and yet another priest is leaving soon.
I got transfer calls this morning. I go up to Budapest to pick up my new comp. His name is Elder Cheney. I've only met him a little bit when I went up to Budapest to finish the paperwork for my visa we played ping pong together while waiting for the other missionaries to show up.
As for the baptism, it went through, it was really good. Worked out just the way we planned. She was confirmed on Sunday and it was so hard for me not to cry, so I wiped my tears during the prayer. lol.
How was Austin's b-day? I sure miss that little guy who probably isnt little anymore.
I really dont have much to say because it was just another week aside form the baptism. But on Nov 28 or 29 I have to give a lesson in church all by myself in Hungarian. Whoa. I can understand a little bit more but not very much. I can have a little conversation with people every once in a while. I'm still at the point where depending on the mood I can speak better or just decent for my level.
Well I've got to go. I was taking care of things so a lot of my time was used love you guys and ttys. Also i got the letter from Jeremy, man I am so jealous he got to see BLINK 182 live. Ugh they are my fav.

I don't hear anything about the (swine) flu except that one missionary that was supposed to come this week has it in America so he was delayed a bit, but other than that, no.
I'm eating fine; eggs and learning how to make all kinds of stuff.

I didnt get Tarik's letter yet. Hungary is such a cool mission. It's on the verge of snowing here, its like -2 to -5 C every day, but I'm loving it.

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